Songs: Toy Boy

See how he is playing with his puppet? In the same way as a child plays with his toys. He holds it very gently like a real baby, and then, after a while, leaves it lie somewhere, usually on a floor or on a chair. I like his charming, boyish side. It’s an adorable part […]

Songs: SITM

Pictures (“the famous trumpet solo” during Stuck In The Middle) from Rockhal, Luxembourg (5/2010) and Riga Arena, Riga (8/2010). Videos from Orpheum Theater, Boston (“The Underwear Boy” 10/2009), HMH, Amsterdam (5/2010) and The Circus, Helsinki (7/2010).

Songs: I See You

I’m not interested in music that leaves me empty, for me it’s meaningless. I want music to raise and multiply emotions, give me a positive feeling and talk to me by telling – if not always a story – at least a message. I really enjoy the whole variation of songs with different emotional color […]

The very first post

Feels a good idea to start my new blog with a tiny historical review and tell how I discovered my favorite artist – London-based, Beirut-born singer-songwriter Mika – and his music. I knew the exact date already but by looking the pictures above I can tell even the exact time. The pics are captured from […]