The very first post

Feels a good idea to start my new blog with a tiny historical review and tell how I discovered my favorite artist – London-based, Beirut-born singer-songwriter Mika – and his music. I knew the exact date already but by looking the pictures above I can tell even the exact time. The pics are captured from the official Finnish Big Brother 2007 recording. I was watching the live online broadcast at the final party night and suddenly Relax was played in the house. I was hypnotized from the first notes and knew immediately I had stepped into a magical world. There was no way back.

I’m fascinated by his voice and the whole world Mika has created around his songs. For me it’s all about his live shows. I appreciate him as an artist and traveling to see his concerts is my way to show my support. Mostly, it’s just very selfish. As I see it, music is a legal drug.

According to a new Canadian study I saw the other day (originally published in Nature Neuroscience 14, 2011) music, as an abstract stimulus, can arouse feelings of euphoria and craving, similar to tangible rewards that involve the striatal dopaminergic system. The results indicate that there are anatomically distinct dopamine release during anticipation and experience of peak emotion to music. It simply means that your favorite music can give you the same euphoric pleasure as delicious food, sex or even some drugs like cocaine.

That basicly explains it all. Never underestimate the power of music.

After hearing Relax for the very first time I searched for more information, listened to Youtube videos (over and over again) and bought tickets to see my first Mika gig at Brixton Academy in London (and soon after that the huge PDP concert in Paris). I have seen many gigs since then. This blog is a place to share my video clips, pictures and reviews, links and some Mika-inspired thoughts.