Concert memories: Brixton Academy

I’m always interested in how people experience their first Mika gig, for me it was a total and unexpected shock. It happened in February 2008 at Brixton Academy in London. I knew nothing about the queueing system and arrived to the venue with my husband just before the doors were opened. A security guy came to us and told that if we didn’t ask our tickets from the box office outside but waited until they open the office inside (and got our tickets from there) they would let us in without any queueing. They did that. I know, so unfair and I hate it when they do it nowadays but that time I was just pleased and went in.

We didn’t go to the front though. My husband said that must be really tiring to stand there for hours and maybe we should stay a bit further at a nice barrier with a good view and buy something to drink, and I said yes, let’s do that. Hahah, can’t believe I said that. It was the right thing to do. I was in a  shock during the whole show (and looked like a total idiot so at least Mika wasn’t able to see me). It was not just his voice that surprised me – I didn’t know that any artist can sound that gorgeous at live gigs – but also his amazing energy.

I have tried to analyze it ever since, and I have a theory that Mika has some kind of renewable energy resource inside of him, maybe in his heart. It’s still kind of a secret but some day the whole world will know about it and mad scientists will fight over him. Just joking. I wish I could explain it for real. All I know is that he shares and spreads good energy in a way that is difficult to understand and that after his concerts we leave the venue as different, much better persons.

I didn’t take any proper vids during the gig, just small clips and some photos. I was extremely happy to finally see the Love Today intro and Ring Ring live (my absolute favorites that time) and all the flowers, candles and balloons made me feel dizzy in a lovely way (as they do when you see them for the first time). I didn’t know any other fans at that time and missed the famous after party and was blissfully unaware of any dramatic incidents after the gig. I was just extremely happy and started to plan my trip to Paris to see him at PDP.