Songs: I See You

I’m not interested in music that leaves me empty, for me it’s meaningless. I want music to raise and multiply emotions, give me a positive feeling and talk to me by telling – if not always a story – at least a message.

I really enjoy the whole variation of songs with different emotional color and structure. Think about Billy Brown. Not my favorite Mika song, there’s no peak emotion or any highlight in it but Mika is in a good mood and smiling while singing it. If the audience is enthusiastic and takes part to it Billy Brown leaves a happy, relaxed feeling. Acoustic Relax is passionate in a calm way and Love Today, for example, in an energetic way. Works both ways. Some songs like Rain contain several small highlight moments.

Sometimes there’s only one huge emotional peak. I See You is one of those songs, and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs. It’s an edited version of an unofficial demo I’m Falling (which was more delicate, imo). There is a lovely small interview where Mika tells about I See You on Youtube, watch it here. Moments just before something extremely good are often even more valuable than the following peak moment itself (whatever it is), and the seconds before the famous umbrella scene during I See You are always my favorite moments during gigs. (Anyone else wants to scream to his crew that “PLEASE, be careful with that smoke machine”? They never are.)

I See You is a powerful song and works beautifully at large venues. The first vid below is from Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon. I love it how the stage setting is kept simple with stars and how Mika is directing the audience, very well done.

My favorite version of I See You is still from Orpheum Theater, Boston. It was the first time I saw it live, I had so looked forward to it. It was very emotional and yes, I felt like crying a little bit (the second vid, sadly it’s not the whole song).