Concert memories: Acoustic Tour, Paris

I was organizing my archives and uploaded a few videos from the acoustic Paris gigs (on June 11th and 12th, 2009). Two fantastic shows. Many people say the second night was even better than the first one, but personally I enjoyed the first Paris gig more (I was probably simply too tired on the second night). He performed well both nights and I really miss these acoustic shows.

The play list for the first night is here, I added Good Gone Girl, Lady Jane, Big Girl, Lollipop and a small clip of Lonely Alcoholic. Good Gone Girl:

 And the videos for the second night are here. I added two vids, Love Today with a little girl dancing on stage and Over My Shoulder. I didn’t know the girl but I was next to her both nights, and she was adorable! She seemed to be a huge fan and Mika noticed her immediately and gave her smiles and a lot of attention and asked her on stage during Love Today. In the end of the evening Mika asked one of his fans to play piano during Relax. He did really well and it made the audience just go wild. Love Today:

And Over My Shoulder:

There was a small newspaper article in the paper I found from my hotel lobby in the morning after the shows. And look, it’s me standing in the audience! Hilarious. It’s always a pleasure to be in Paris, France appreciates Mika, there is love in the air.