Concert memories: Acoustic Tour, Milan

An average music lover values good music, an entertaining show and a relaxed atmosphere. A Mika show can offer all that. I have seen him performing when he is a bit tired, in a flu or with some technical problems, and his shows meet my expectations every single time. I’m sure everyone who ever bought a ticket thinks it was totally worth the money.

Not sure how critics and reviewers define a good show. Sometimes they seem to combine too little knowledge with too many prejudices. I love well-written reviews. I appreciate it that a reviewer is obviously interested in the issue and has done his/her homework properly. When fans talk about “a brilliant Mika gig” there’s usually one common denominator. We want to see him happy. We love his voice and style and we know he can do a great performance in every situation, but to call a gig brilliant, spectacular or even legendary we need to see him happy.

It can happen in a new country and in front of a new audience. He has no idea how the audience will react and suddenly he realizes they know all his lyrics, sing along every song and have a good time (Vienna and Baltic cities 2010, priceless!). It can also happen in a situation with more pressure than usually and it’s important for him to do a good show. The happiness when he can do it (Little Noise 2009).

Sometimes he just seems to enjoy singing and performing so much it simply makes him happy. Those times it genuinely looks he would rather do nothing else than be there on stage – doing his show, singing, even chatting a bit to the audience. Those are the best gigs ever.

The Acoustic Tour Milan show at Franco Parenti (June 6th, 2009) was one of those gigs. I can’t remember any details, I’m sorry, and I don’t think any picture or video can describe it. He was relaxed, he was on fire and he looked perfectly happy to be on stage. It was a magical night. Legendary I would say.