Songs: Toy Boy

See how he is playing with his puppet? In the same way as a child plays with his toys. He holds it very gently like a real baby, and then, after a while, leaves it lie somewhere, usually on a floor or on a chair. I like his charming, boyish side. It’s an adorable part of his personality. I love watching vlogs when he is really excited about some new things, he sounds like a happy child.

Treasuring one’s inner child must be important for a creative person. Children see the world in a different way than adults. They see more surprising things around them and they have a suitable solution for every problem.

Mika has talked about aging and growing older in some interviews, how he can’t see himself performing his old songs after ten years time etc. He still seems to think, like everyone at his age (twenty something), that growing older /maturing/ aging means that years will change you into a new, different person. It doesn’t happen, I’m sorry to tell. I’m afraid aging means only that at some point you realize you will never change/become that new person you were hoping to and start to accept yourself as you are. Our style evolves during years, of course. And as unfair it is, most men look just better when they age (so Mika has nothing to worry about). His songs are based on everything he has ever seen and experienced and he learns something new every day – like we all do – so aging can inevitably be seen in his new songs. It’s a good thing.

Toy Boy is his most analyzed song, there’s nothing new or really clever I can say. I don’t think it’s necessary either. It’s all in the lyrics. Toy Boy tells a story with some cruel facts about the world, maybe from the time when he was younger (maybe it’s the reality in today’s world too). Expectations and rules tell people how they should live their lives. He has combined the lyrics with a playful melody, as he likes to do.

I don’t always film Toy Boy at gigs. I like it, but it’s one of those songs I skip if I’m afraid I don’t have enough memory card in my camera for every song. Now I feel bad. I feel I didn’t appreciate it enough during the 2010 tours. I even miss the weird puppet. See two vids below, one from Vienna and one from the second Bercy night (European and Arena Tours, March/April 2010).