Songs: Relax

Traveling to see gigs is not always easy. It’s tiring, it’s expensive and I often have to do a lot of organizing to fit it into my real life. Sometimes I question if I really should do this. Not often, but there are moments like that. Like last summer when I flied from family holidays […]

Songs: Touches You

The more simple the show elements are kept the more effective and powerful the performance, imo. Less stuff and details, more space for music. I think many fans share my opinion. The thing is that Mika is very, very visual and full of ideas. His shows are not only for listening but for watching too. […]

Songs: Dr John

I have always seen Billy Brown and Dr John very similar as songs. There is a story, there is a character. Both songs are easy to sing and dance along and they are always a great way to make a connection with the audience. I have never heard anyone saying Billy Brown or Dr John […]

Songs: Rain

Rain is one of my favorite Mika songs. I heard it for the first time at Parc des Princes concert 2008 and liked it from the beginning but really love the determined tone in the later versions of the song. According to interviews Rain is originally a break up letter Mika made as a pop song […]