Memories: Ice cream van & free gig 9/2009

If you are a Mika fan you already know why my blog is called Manic Monday – it’s obvious. If you are a random visitor I can give you a link. It’s my favorite Mika vlog from September 2009. He is mentioning the Scala gig (see my previous blog entry)  and “a free gig for all ages”. The free gig was hold at Bloomsbury Ballroom on the 22nd September, 2009. Tickets to the gig were given the same morning, for free with an ice cream from an ice cream van.

I don’t have any good quality vids from the gig to show you. I was very close (so I didn’t want to keep my camera too high) and my videos are mostly about his shoes (but what a gorgeous pair of shoes, lol!). It was so much fun to be there. The stage was high and at some point of time Mika went on his knees to be lower. It happened really fast. He was in front of me and I saw there was a hole in his pants. It got bigger and bigger and I just had time to think “Mika, your pants!!! Your paaaaants!!!!” LOL!! First he tried to cover it. Then he realized that there is no way to hide a hole that large and he started to laugh, and he filled his pants with glitter and the gig went on. I love it that we never need to be nervous or worried for him during the gig. If something sudden happens he just laughs and goes on.

Oh dear, what a hilarious evening it was, lots of fans in the audience. I took some pictures earlier that day at the ice cream van, see them above. The gig was advertised in the Sun. There was also an article with a short interview. Watch the Jonathan Ross Show (which he talks about in the article) here (thanks Bab for uploading it).

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