Songs: Rain

Rain is one of my favorite Mika songs. I heard it for the first time at Parc des Princes concert 2008 and liked it from the beginning but really love the determined tone in the later versions of the song.

According to interviews Rain is originally a break up letter Mika made as a pop song because wanted the person it was wrote to hear it everywhere. I like the story, it gives the song more color even though I’ve read/heard it million times already. There is a small interview telling about Rain on Youtube (thanks to Mari), find it here.

During the Arena Tour 2010 Mika combined Rain to a theatrical nightmare scene to make it more dramatic. It was really impressive, almost scary (the pics above). I love the way he is dancing on stage during Rain. He is dancing like a 7 years old, I love it, it’s my favorite dancing style. I hope he will never ever take any dancing lessons, it would just ruin everything. I also love the way he screams “Baby” because it makes me remember how it felt to be 17 years old and have very strong emotions. His calm tone in the acoustic version of Rain is even more determined and gives an impression he has really thought things through (You better move on/ because I’m ready for/ more than this/ whatever it is/Baby, I hate days like this).

The first vid below is from Rome (7/2010) and the second with the nightmare scene from Luxembourg (5/2010).

I’ve been concentrating on live performances so much I have almost forgot how fascinating is the creative process behind the music. Mika is so creative, intelligent and talented it never ceases to amaze me. He talks about his second album TBWKTM here, I hadn’t watched it for ages.