Sunday blogs: Some statistic


Name Mika is used both as a male and a female name. In countries like Japan it’s given mainly for girls, in Finland it’s a very common name for an adult man. During years 1960-79 as many as 29 112 boys in Finland were named Mika (just to compare, only 9 girls), during years 1980-99 9195 boys and 2000-09 only 745 (source: Finnish Population Register Center).

When I was a school girl I knew several boys called Mika, unfortunately none of them really gorgeous and definitely not curly haired. I used to think Mika is a boring name. Little did I know. Name Mika is celebrated in Finland on 29th September. Writer Mika Waltari (1908-79) and film director Mika Kaurismäki (born 1955) are two internationally known Finns.

The video is from Helsinki, I loved it when Mika was talking about his name (1:45).