Memories: Boston & New York 10/2009

Travelling to see Mika’s North-American Tour to Boston and New York in October 2009 was definitely one of my best travelling decisions ever. Not only Mika wise, I really enjoyed the whole trip and my short holidays in New York. I had always wanted to see New York, but never had a good enough reason to make it happen before these gigs. This time I travelled together with my husband, and to make it more special we travelled a bit more comfortably than I usually do (meaning direct flights and a very nice hotel).

I met some incredible people during my trip. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I had always thought American people are very smiling but not actually warm or really caring (why on earth did I think that way?). It is quite the opposite. We got so much help from people we met and everyone was really kind.

I realized only later that the North-American Tour was my only chance to see some songs from TBWKTM live (see below One Foot Boy and Pick Up Off the Floor from Orpheum Theater, Boston). Mika didn’t perform these songs during 2010 European tours. Also, I still think that the versions he did for songs like I See You and Touches You in Boston and New York are the best/one of the best versions I have ever seen. I will write more about Touches You later.

Both gigs were very good, but the Boston gig will always be one of my favorite ever experiences. Mika was in a weird, funny and very relaxed mood. It was an excellent concert, I loved every second of it. The North-American Tour had a theme “1955”. I made a thank you card using old magazines from that year and gave it to him after the Boston gig.

Lovely memories. Even the worst ever security in New York makes me smile when I think about it a year and a half later. For some reason NYC security guys didn’t trust me at all. I can assure you that I’m totally harmless looking, moderately calm woman. The security kept checking my ticket (my first row ticket which I showed them several times) over and over again and I missed one whole song (Blue Eyes) because of them. I saw a lot of male fans in front row, dancing and jumping, some of them even drunken, and the security kept harassing me? My husband finds it still amusing and says every security knows the most harmless looking ones are always the most dangerous.