Songs: Touches You

The more simple the show elements are kept the more effective and powerful the performance, imo. Less stuff and details, more space for music. I think many fans share my opinion. The thing is that Mika is very, very visual and full of ideas. His shows are not only for listening but for watching too. And I do love watching the whole circus and I can see creating shows obviously makes him happy. I also love the thought of his family making the show/stage together. It’s always interesting and fun to analyze performances and to guess what’s the story behind every scene.

I usually always prefer live versions over album versions and the live version for Touches You is particularly brilliant. I first saw it during N-A Tour. Mika kept the setting very simple. The performance was purely singing and dancing, and it suited the song perfectly. I totally loved the way he performed it. His style reminded me of young George Michael – different than his usual style – but it really suited this song very well.

During the Arena tour he suddenly brought a giant dragon on stage in the middle of Touches you. I was so surprised. I’m sure he had a reason for it, I just couldn’t see it, and I wished he had just carried on dancing. And again, when tours are over I would pay anything to see Touches You (or any other song) live with so many dragons as he likes. There’s an excellent version of Touches you from Seoul 11/2009, I wish I had seen it, see it on Youtube here. Colorful background is a fantastic idea!

Videos below are from Waterfront, Belfast (2/2010), Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg (3/2010) and Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon (4/2010), the last one with the dragon. The pics are from Vienna (3/2010) and Amsterdam (5/2010).

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