Songs: Love Today


This song means me maximum everything. Maximum energy, maximum love, maximum happiness, it totally makes me feel I’m alive in every sense. I love it because it’s so energetic, I love it because of the way Mika is using his voice and I especially love the intro part, which is one of the most important concert moments for me. When I heard the intro live for the first time I couldn’t believe I was so lucky, and it’s always a highlight of every show. This song also reminds me that we should do things we love from our whole heart instead of doing meaningless things only half-interested. Isn’t it the whole point of living. I’m usually almost obsessively interested in things behind songs. Knowing what inspired Mika to write his songs gives them always more significance. This time I don’t even want to know much details, I just enjoy the song.

Mika often makes LT performances very theatrical. The idea the of the “death march” before the song is to give fans opportunities to be on stage with him, dressed as Big Girls or Lollipop Girls. He is very generous with his fans and for many of them these moments on stage with him are something to remember forever. During the Arena Tour he started to perform the “killing scene” in the middle of Love Today (the pics below). He plays he is “killing” his band one by one and after the whole band (him included) is “dead” Love Today starts again, the band wakes up and everyone in the venue jumps as much as they can. Yes, first I thought that killing sweet little Cherisse and the rest of the band was like killing Bambi and his parents, but Mika was obviously very amused by this game, and I think we all gradually got used to the scene. I always enjoy the jumping part, it makes the audience go wild.

My very favorite Love Today performances are from Passionkirche, Berlin, from Gasometer, Vienna and from the Circus, Helsinki, but I love this song every single time. The LT vids below are from Huxley’s, Berlin (3/2010) and from Riga Arena, Riga (8/2010, including the Toy Boy part in the intro) and the last clip is the killing scene part from Bercy, Paris (4/2010)