Songs: Grace Kelly

Mika’s first hit Grace Kelly was written as a rant against music business people who wanted him to be similar as all the other artists and it was the second song I heard from him after discovering his music. I was watching videos from YouTube and was totally hypnotized. I couldn’t believe I had found an artist like him and I was wondering if he was real. Do singers like him really exist? I’m still amazed and if he will ever start to make too many compromises/please people just to make them like him more, my naive and (obviously too) idealistic heart will be all broken.

I want to use this opportunity to link an interview where he is mentioning Grace Kelly, because the interview will make you smile no matter how many times you have already seen it, it’s here.

The first vid below is from Lauluvaljak Festival, Tallinn (8/2010). The sound is not very good quality, because Estonian soap bubbles didn’t do any good for my camera, but he is in a great mood in the vid. Yes, he has a Finnish flag in his pants… See how he is joking with iMMa and Cherisse? Love it! The second vid is from Festa das Lata, Coimbra (10/2010).