Show Elements: Bin drumming

Oh, I love bin drumming moments! I’m aware of how brainless it sounds – to enjoy so much watching someone drumming garbage bins – but it’s amazingly addictive. He has that fantastic, mad look in his eyes. I love it. Suddenly it feels perfectly normal to be a little bit mad. Actually, it’s a good thing to be a bit mad. Let’s be mad together.

At the same time bin drumming feels sad. It tells you that the show is almost over. And Mika shows are always too short. Thanks for coming, see you next time. If everything goes well, if your lucky perfume does not fail you. I know, life is always like that, good things come to an end. While drumming, everything is still possible. It’s madness, and I love it!

I would look so stupid stuck in a garbage bin and so would you, only Mika can look cute even stuck in the bin. Drumming videos from Oslo (3/2010) and Dublin (2/2010).