Concert memories: Scandinavia 3/2010



Mika did a small Scandinavian tour (officially a part of the European Tour) March 2010 and the gigs in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm felt almost like home gigs for me, especially because the Helsinki gig was not yet even announced at the time. It was so much fun, and I will always remember Oslo as one of my best ever concert experiences. I was wondering afterwards if it really was that great. Maybe it was just my own good mood that caused it, but no, it wasn’t. It was his good mood that caused it. Mika was relaxed and having fun and the audience went just wild screaming and singing.

The audience in Scandinavia (as in Helsinki and Baltic cities) was younger than his old fan base who found his music through LICM. I have always enjoyed meeting people from different age groups in these circles. There is a clear message in his songs and I feel strongly that it’s not only for teenagers. I think the second album was very tempting to the teenage audience though, maybe because the theme was his own younger years and definitely because the promotion was directed to a very young audience.

Mika is one of the most intelligent (not only creatively talented) persons in the music business, has a fascinating and colorful personality, an interesting multi-cultural background and passion for several things – arts, illustration, style and fashion culture, theater and other performing arts. After following interviews and reading his texts (blogs, columns) for years I know he is a good person and someone who’s thoughts and values I can respect (and while watching this world full of small-minded people I wouldn’t support anyone I can’t respect).

Still, all that my local press has ever told about Mika (mostly in teen magazines) is that he was bullied at school and that he is interested in colorful sneakers. His small concert in Helsinki was warm, lovely and joyful. It was efficiently promoted by the small company who brought him to Finland but the tickets were mostly sold by spreading word amongst 13-15 yo girls and the audience in general was very young. It’s time to change it. The Helsinki concert got wonderful reviews and his short visit left people happy and excited.

The first vid below is Lollipop from KB Hallen, Copenhagen, and after that I See You and WAG from Sentrum Scene, Oslo. Look at his face, he was in a great mood, wasn’t he? The last vid is Any Other World from Annexet, Stockholm (one of my favorite songs from last tours).