Gig reviews: Ajaccio, Corsica

Arriving to Corsica one day before the concert was a bliss. I had had so much fun during the whole trip, but a “festival tour” means tight schedules and sleepless nights, cheap hotels and standing at festivals in a rain without any food. It was worth it and I really enjoyed every moment, but when I arrived to my last destination (before a small break at home) I felt I needed some sun and rest.

The first pic is the view from my hotel window, and I don’t want to sound spoiled but I needed it. I deserved it, lol! The second pic is a restaurant across the hotel. They had some fantastic salads, not to mention proper table lines, and yes, I deserved that too. In the evening I had time to have a dinner near the beach with my French friends and when I got back to the hotel I found Yulia and we went to see the venue near the hotel before having a good rest.

When I saw the venue I realized immediately it was not just another venue. The square was a local place for concerts but it couldn’t be a coincidental venue for a Mika show. He was planning to bring his show under the statue of Napoleon. Seriously, he was planning to bring his new French style stage setting to this square in Ajaccio and to perform in his silly pants and Napoleon style jacket under the statue of Napoleon! Too cute and adorable. I loved the whole idea. Things like this make him special, I really wouldn’t bother doing all this for any other artist. Just to remind you, see the statue one more time below.

We had a relaxed day before the concert sitting and chatting in cafés and we were let in to the concert area only a short time before it started (no supporting acts). I almost couldn’t wait to see the show. I always love the moment before it all starts, I love watching his team making the final arrangements – I’ve seen them doing it in so many places – and I love watching his sister checking the stage in her black dress (she is gorgeous, she must be one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen) and I LOVE hearing songs like this. I admit that just writing all this makes my heart beat a bit faster even I always say I’m not addicted.

It was a very good show. The Corsican audience was maybe not the kind of an audience that sets him on fire (like happened in Belgium), but he did definitely a very good performance. He was in a good and smiling mood, seemed to enjoy performing and interacted with the audience quite a lot. Well, he was speaking French so I couldn’t understand his stories, only some references, and after the show I made the same decision as always: I will learn some French before the next tour. Not sure that ever happens though.

The concert was at one of the most special venues I’ve seen but there are also a couple of other things I want mention here. Firstly, he took a long time to rehearse the new songs before the show and it was worth it, we saw the best versions for the new songs so far (BIOTW was even better in Paléo, I guess performing it several times makes a difference). I want to link Karen again, just because I love it so much. The beginning/the way he starts the song is my very favorite part (it’s absolutely beautiful!) and the chorus works perfectly live. I want to be grateful that I heard the song three times this summer but at the same time I’m afraid he will never sing it again (that’s what sometimes happens to my favorite songs).

Secondly, this must have been the best show from iMMa I’ve ever seen, she was partying her heart out with Ida, it was fantastic. Well done, girls, so much energy on stage!

It was good to see some familiar and some new faces from countries like France, Spain, Italy and Greece, and special thanks to Christie for making me smile (it worked!), to Vladimir for telling New York stories while waiting for the gig to start and to Yulia for keeping me company (it was fun!). Some pictures from the gig below.