He’s got looks that books take pages to tell
He’s got a face to make you fall on your knees
He’s got money in the bank to thank and I guess
You could think he’s livin’ at ease

Life could be simple but you never fail
To complicate it every single time
You could have children and a wife, a perfect little life
But you blow it on a bottle of wine

I see the the lyrics for the song quite smart, so that’s why I always classify Blame It On The Girls as one of his smart/clever songs with songs like Stuck In the Middle. BIOTG is not in my personal top10 songs. I prefer songs with extreme emotions, like Relax (love), I See You (one-side love), Rain and Happy Ending (disappointment and moving on) or Love Today (extreme energy). Just my own method for categorizing songs and it’s not very scientific (so again, feel free to disagree).

I still think BIOTG is one of his best live songs. He often asks the audience to clap along and sing the chorus parts. He divides the audience into two groups, one singing “blame it on the girls” and another one singing “blame it on the boys”. The band members are asked to be leaders for the groups and the louder one is the winner. It’s always a lot of fun, people love it and I always look forward to hearing the song live at concerts. I linked the performance he did in Cattolica 2010 below just as an example.

I also love the official BIOTG video with faded colors, especially like the style and atmosphere in it. The idea behind the space/the dancers/the filming technique was maybe a bit too complicated (I don’t think people could understand the effort put into making the video) but the result was stylish and it’s one of my favorite official vids. Mika tells about making of the video here. The intro for the song is awesome, he knows how to do it, just watch the beginning of the official version.

The chandeliers were my favorite part of the new Marie Antoinette set and I uploaded a few pictures to show them more detailed (just click the pics to see them bigger). Some color pics below to see how they look in day light/dark/colored lighting. Everything was fitting together very well (paintings + chandeliers + costumes) and the atmosphere was totally different than in his previous show, I really enjoyed watching something new and different. As you can see the chandeliers were quite useful and funny during the show to lean on/hang.

I can’t express how much I love Love Today. It’s such a great, high energy song. I never heard early versions for this song (I heard it for the first time live 2008) or for the other LICM songs, so now I’m really grateful every single time I’m able to hear the first, even clumsy, versions for new Mika songs and see how they evolve from the beginning. I’m always curious to see what he is doing next and I love seeing him trying new and different things. His music simply makes me happy. I love his voice in Love Today and I love the energy it gives me at gigs. Just seeing the pics above makes me want to jump. Now I’m counting three and everyone who can will jump? 1, 2, 3.

I promised to make a photo post from Balaton Sound Festival with pictures of Big Girls and Lollipop Girls. I’m sorry the pics are not very good quality, it was a hectic situation, but I thought the girls in the pics might want to see them in any case and have them as a memory. Hahah, the girl Mika is hugging looks a bit suffering but believe me, she was having the time of her life. Check the end of this post, I linked BG and Lollipop vids (filmed by Balazs).

I didn’t originally plan to travel to Schaffhausen, but I wanted to give the tour a proper end and Paleo Festival didn’t feel a proper end even though it was a good show. My German friends had some space in their car on their way from Munich to Schaffhausen and they even offered me a place to stay for Friday night so I decided to fly to Munich and do a road trip together with them. I was worried something will go wrong but the festival was not cancelled, there were no thunder storms, we  didn’t get stuck in traffic jams (at least not for a long time) and we didn’t arrive too late. Everything went well and we had a perfect day!

We arrived in the afternoon just on time to see the venue before the area was closed (after the first part of the festival, there was a children’s event in the morning). I saw some paintings hanging already above the stage and I took a few pictures, and suddenly the band came to the stage and started to do their soundcheck. Usually the sound team does it, sometimes the band is there, sometimes Mika is there but most times we are not allowed to see it. So we were happy to watch iMMa and Ben rehearsing and Marion (who was next to me) and I were wondering why Martin was not there, we couldn’t recognize the guitarist.  Suddenly I realized that Mika had appeared. I was sure we would be asked to go outside the area but the security only asked us not to take any photos and we were allowed to watch the soundcheck. Mika explained that they have a new guitarist and that they need to do a longer soundcheck than usually. He didn’t sing only one or two songs but many songs and it felt like a real surprise gig. I really loved watching it!

I have seen him on stage many times but he is always performing and doing a show and the moments we see him off-stage are always over too quickly. So it was really special to see him practicing, doing his job and guiding the band looking so casual in his jeans. He seemed to be in a very good mood, he said some comments to us and the audience didn’t seem to disturb him. He spontaneously did some lines from Elle Me dit in English and it was amazing, everyone was cheering and he looked surprised (“oh, you liked it?”) and we said “YES!” and we secretly started to hope he would sing it in English in the evening. Marion and I were standing stunned and speechless during the whole soundcheck, not capable of saying more than a few very obvious lines to each other. The whole situation made us laugh out loud afterwards and it was so cool to see we both (and everyone there) thought it was one of the most special Mika moments ever. I wonder if he knows how silly his fans are, but it was definitely worth traveling just to see the soundcheck and we still had the show to see in the evening!

This was a festival once again so waiting for the gig meant watching the other festival artists, in this case all bands. I can’t remember the names for the first two. The first one was a bit boring, but compared to the second one it was actually quite good. The second band had a really weird female singer who looked drugged and their music was just bad in my ears. Marion and I couldn’t believe the festival was paying for having them, I bet someone paid to send them away from UK. The third band was called The Rambling Wheels and omg, they had the attitude!! Oh, I totally loved their show, and not only because they had a song called The Girl With the Tattoo (my song). After them the audience was really ready to see Mika, and it loved him!

He had so much fun on stage, it was awesome to watch. The whole band did well, and loved seeing them participating so much. The stage was so much smaller than in Nyon and they seemed to fill it with joking and laughing. The new guitarist did well, can’t understand how he looked so relaxed at his first gig together with Mika and his band (it was literally his first day). BIOTG was great. It’s weird that I never listen to the album version but I liked the vid and I always love it at concerts. I loved hearing Rain one more time this summer, because the new version is so good and I was especially pleased he did Touches You (we haven’t heard it much lately). He talked a bit before Happy Ending explaining it’s a challenging song and it was really adorable! Of course we know it’s more difficult song to sing than most of his songs, and it always tells how his voice is that day. It’s a bit different every time but I don’t mind, HE is always one of my favorites, love it. His voice is like an instrument, it can’t be similar every day and that’s one reason to listen to it live.

In the end he really did Elle Me Dit in English and it was quite amazing to hear a new song at the last gig. Now I need time to understand that it is actually an English song and not French! I liked the idea of French songs so much, but I guess I will get used to the English version soon. Of course the song feels totally different now when I can understand everything and the image in my head is not based just translations and my own thoughts.

So it was a perfect way to end the tour. He mentioned several times that this was the last festival and he was extra kind and sweet to people (well, he can have some space now after the tour is finished). I know this was actually not a tour but it felt like a mini tour, and we saw the Marie Antoinette stage and the new costumes and heard three new songs (four versions). I already miss everything (I need live Mika music just like I need books around me) but at the same time I have more energy after all this traveling and fun than I have had for a long time and it makes me look forward to some busy times in my real life.

I went back to Munich with Karin, Saskia and Renate (and Karin was an excellent driver even it was so dark and wet) and I flied back home and I hugged my husband telling how awesome Schaffhausen was and said thank you thank you thank you for letting me go (it was expensive and it also meant some extra work for him at home). And I explained that we saw the soundcheck, that Mika looked gorgeous and so casual during it and that he did a great show and was really kind and hubby said “yeah, no problem, just please stay home for a while now”. I feel I’m not a good enough person, some day the universe will punish me.

Sometimes I have this feeling that I just have to do something, like to travel to see a concert somewhere. And this time I really had to travel to Schaffhausen, to Switzerland. I’m really happy I decided to do it (and I’m grateful to my family who was so understanding with my last minute decision). I will write a proper gig review as soon as I have time. I had a fantastic Saturday in Switzerland, many happy memories and such a good end to the tour. A few pictures above. Mika and the whole band was in a funny, joking mood. It was fun!

In the end he did Elle Me Dit in English. We were allowed to watch the soundcheck before the show so we were a bit expecting it (loved watching the soundcheck, btw, the coolest thing ever!).