Songs: Blame It On The Girls

He’s got looks that books take pages to tell
He’s got a face to make you fall on your knees
He’s got money in the bank to thank and I guess
You could think he’s livin’ at ease

Life could be simple but you never fail
To complicate it every single time
You could have children and a wife, a perfect little life
But you blow it on a bottle of wine

I see the the lyrics for the song quite smart, so that’s why I always classify Blame It On The Girls as one of his smart/clever songs with songs like Stuck In the Middle. BIOTG is not in my personal top10 songs. I prefer songs with extreme emotions, like Relax (love), I See You (one-side love), Rain and Happy Ending (disappointment and moving on) or Love Today (extreme energy). Just my own method for categorizing songs and it’s not very scientific (so again, feel free to disagree).

I still think BIOTG is one of his best live songs. He often asks the audience to clap along and sing the chorus parts. He divides the audience into two groups, one singing “blame it on the girls” and another one singing “blame it on the boys”. The band members are asked to be leaders for the groups and the louder one is the winner. It’s always a lot of fun, people love it and I always look forward to hearing the song live at concerts. I linked the performance he did in Cattolica 2010 below just as an example.

I also love the official BIOTG video with faded colors, especially like the style and atmosphere in it. The idea behind the space/the dancers/the filming technique was maybe a bit too complicated (I don’t think people could understand the effort put into making the video) but the result was stylish and it’s one of my favorite official vids. Mika tells about making of the video here. The intro for the song is awesome, he knows how to do it, just watch the beginning of the official version.