Traveling, events, people: Belgium (7/2011)

Les Ardentes Summer Festival: Other artists/bands

I didn’t have time to do any sightseeing or traveling in Belgium, but the day I spent at Les Ardentes Summer Festival in Liege was more than perfect indeed. The festival itself was one of the best organized events I saw this summer and was a lot of fun to spend the day watching good quality artists and bands while waiting for Mika’s performance. We saw several bands during the day, but especially two of them are worth mentioning. The first one is King Charles. They did a good, very entertaining show, see a couple of pics below and please check out their music here, it’s very addictive. Btw, ever seen hair that amazing before??

My another favorite was Suarez. I know, I got a bit carried away with the pics (they were a very photogenic band indeed)! Their music is soft and pretty, almost a bit boring when you listen to it recorded, but they were fantastic live, so if you ever have a possibility to see them live I highly recommend it, I really enjoyed their performance.

Les Ardentes Summer Festival: Face paintings & hairstyle


Les Ardentes Summer Festival: Mika


The Belgian audience was fantastic and Mika did an incredible show. The small technical problems and slightly nervous singing we saw in Compiegné were all gone and behind, I think this was his best show during the whole summer, he was absolutely on fire.