Traveling, events, people: Switzerland (7/2011)

Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux

I had absolutely no idea Switzerland is such a beautiful country. The lake, the mountains, everything is so close to each other, it’s just magical. And everything is much more colorful than I had thought in advance. Look at the pics, even notes look like toy money, lol!

I stayed at Nanou’s place with the French girls and she kindly took her time to show us some places. We had coffee in Geneva after I had arrived and drove to see Montreux (the Freddie’s statue!) and Lausanne. The view in the evening light was stunning, loved it! I uploaded some pictures below (that bird stole my biscuit!).

Paléo Festival: Festival area, fans

The atmosphere at Paléo festival was as relaxed as Nanou had described us. No one was pushing, queueing or hurrying. The area was full of little festival cafés/restaurants and cuisines from all over the world. The security was relaxed and joking: no stupid unnecessary rules or regulations or telling people what to do. But guess what? Sudden situations happening in the audience (like a couple of drunken guys fighting or a young girl feeling not well) were professionally taken care of in a few seconds. Not pointing any specific country, city or event, just saying: This is how massive music events should be organized.

Paléo festival: Other artists

Robert Plant is some kind a legend, isn’t he? Not my kind of music but I enjoyed the performance.

Paléo festival: Mika

Such a good, high-energy show in a very difficult situation, the whole huge audience loved his performance!