MFC birthday party in London 7.1.2012

Congratulations MFC (Mika Fan Club) for 5 fantastic years! We had a huge birthday celebration on Saturday January 7th in London. I traveled London on Friday. To tell the truth I couldn’t believe I was actually traveling all the way to London just to meet my fellow Mika fans (and not to see a concert!) and I wasn’t sure it will be worth it, but it really was. Everything went as well as possible and we had a perfectly organized Saturday: competitions, birthday cake and singing in the afternoon and an auction, dinner and disco in the evening.

Everything started on Friday. I arrived to the hotel at 8 PM and saw a lot of familiar faces first thing in the lobby. We spent Friday evening together chatting and having a couple of drinks in a pub near the hotel. I didn’t take as many pictures as I planned and my pictures are mostly random (not one group pic in my camera, sorry!), but I chose a few to upload below.

On Saturday at 2 PM we all gathered to a big room/hall booked for the party. Everything was in order: prizes/auction items, birthday cake and amazing cupcakes, and we did some quiz, bingo and cake eating! I can’t eat basic cake, but lovely Meggy had bought me gluten-free madeleines and biscuits from France as a gift and it made my day. So kind of her!

Before our afternoon break a young singer Alex Bampton did some Mika covers and his performance was a lovely surprise, I really enjoyed his versions for Mika songs. He is very young so I was amazed to see he seems to have some kind of “own style” already. He has a pretty voice and he looked shy but really relaxed and not nervous at all. Thank you Alex, well done!

In the evening we had a dinner and everyone was already eagerly waiting for the auction (organized to raise money for charity). The prizes were unbelievable wonderful and the main item donated by Mika was a pair of Christian Louboutin luxury shoes personally chosen by Mika (extremely generous gesture from him and very special item, imo!). The prize for the shoes went as high as 1750 pounds and the total amount raised, almost 3000 pounds, goes directly to the London air ambulance unit which saved Mika’s sister Paloma’s life after her serious accident a bit over year ago. Well done people organizing the auction and everyone bidding for the items! I feel quite proud of MFC atm, I hope Mika is pleased too.

The rest of the evening was just partying, lol! Dancing and chatting and having fun. Thanks Meggy for the company, thanks Kath and Silver for organizing and thanks everyone for being so lovely. See you all soon again! xxx