Songs: Karen/82 Rue Des Martyrs

I’ve never thought there’s something wrong or weird enjoying a melody or a beautiful voice (if I can’t understand the lyrics). Restricting myself to listen to music only in my native language would be silly from me, coming from a small country with only few talented artists and singers. I read translated literature and watch films with subtitles as well. English is still a foreign language for me, my skills are not near fluent and I can’t understand tones as well as I’d like to. Sometimes – when the lyrics are really complicated – I need to concentrate on either lyrics or melody while listening to the song and not both, so I have learned to enjoy music in many ways.

In an ideal pop song the lyrics and the melody go hand in hand and I love enjoying a perfect song especially if it’s as simple and raw as possible and there’s nothing distracting or nothing too much. If the lyrics are too complicated or if I can’t understand them at all I simply listen to the voice or beautiful melody, and that’s what happened with Karen. It’s a beautiful song, would be wasting to ignore it.

The melody is very different than in his earlier songs, it grows in me more and more every time I listen to the song. I love Mika’s voice in Karen and I think it’s a very suitable song to show his voice at it’s best. His voice sounds so gentle in it, full of compassion and understanding. I know the story of Karen who sings at Bistro 82 at 82, Rue Des Martyrs (seen the lyrics translated) but as I can’t understand the precise tone for the lyrics my interpretation is kind of random. I still enjoy this song a lot.

My French friends have told me the lyrics are sophisticated and that his accent is natural. Many people say the melody sounds familiar, and I’m not surprised. I think Mika absorbs ideas and influences while breathing and he is genius recycling and making things his own (also in his shows and cover art), and I don’t mind it as long as he makes things his own style. I’m pleased I decided to go to Compiegne and saw the first performance for Karen – it feels important now – and I enjoyed hearing it live also in Liege and Corsica.

Edited with my post with a later video from Vienne: