Songs: Happy Ending

I can’t handle sad endings. I can’t handle “endings” in general, I always try to see every leaving as a possibility to go back or meet again. I’m probably the most loyal person in the world. I have only a few very close people and I will never leave them. I always go back to the cities and places I love, I return my favorite restaurants (I usually even order the same food every time) and go to see the same artist(s) time after time. In my world, there’s always a happy ending. I refuse to read sad endings. I never watch sad movies either. I just can’t handle too much sadness. It takes over me and makes my general mood down for a long time.

Happy Ending is a sad Mika song, it tells about leaving: this is the way you left me, I’m not pretending, no hope no love no glory, no happy ending, this is the way that we loved, like it’s forever, to spend the rest of the life, but not together. HoweverI always concentrate on his performing instead of the sad story. I love it most when he sings it so emotionally he almost screams, jumps a bit looking very frustrated and ends the song sounding miserably sad with the last lines. On the other hand, I also love it when he sings Happy Ending in a calm and melancholic way playing his piano. It makes the story sound something that happened a long time ago, something that can be accepted if not forgotten, and it’s really pretty.

Happy Ending is different every time and for me it’s one way to separate all the Mika shows I’ve seen. If someone asks me how the show was I think of HE. It’s a challenging song. It tells if Mika is feeling his best, his usual self, a bit tired or even not well. So I might say “he was at his best”. Or that “his voice sounded a bit tired during HE”. It’s still always a beautiful song and it gives him suitable moments to connect with his audience and it’s always one of the most special moments of the show. I have seen some brilliant acoustic Happy Ending versions, but this is the first HE I usually think so I link it here.

Edit: I must link Happy Ending from Comedy Club (Jam Sessions) and from Kettner’s (Magic Numbers gig) again, because these must be the best HE versions I’ve seen. Can’t watch them too often.

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