Lovebox: Festival area & audience

I traveled to London to see the Lovebox festival and the event was as colorful and fun as I expected. After seeing such well organized events last summer I found the practical side a bit messy though. The tickets didn’t arrive on time, everything was slow (they actually didn’t have scanners at the gates, for example, and the staff only started cleaning the area when people arrived) and no one seemed to know, well, anything. However, the line-up was very good and I enjoyed the music and really loved the atmosphere and the audience. So many gorgeous looking people! I wish I could have taken my system camera with me, could have easily spent hours just taking photos of people!

Lovebox: Fans

It was good to see so many familiar (and some new!) faces in London. Special thanks to the German/French/UK/Swedish/etc fans for making everything so much more fun. Your company was appreciated! I’m absolutely tired of all the unnecessary drama that inevitably comes when otherwise very different people share the common interest (this time an artist), but I realized that I had missed many people and that I really enjoyed my whole weekend in London and not only the short 30 minutes Mika show.

Lovebox:Other artists

I usually spend my time at festivals watching some other artists while waiting for Mika to to perform. This time Mika was on stage at 5 PM (quite early) and the other artists I found interesting were performing after his show (at many different stages) and I didn’t have any proper plan what to do. I missed Jodie Harsh after Mika’s performance and regret it now. I was also a bit curious to see Lana Del Ray, but decided to walk to the other side of the huge area to find VIP toilets (oh, you know festival toilets!) and something to eat and drink. I managed to see  the final part of Chaka Khan performance at the main stage and after that skipped Grace Jones on purpose because couldn’t risk missing my train to the airport. However, I actually enjoyed listening to the DJs before Mika’s part and felt like dancing even I don’t usually listen to music like that. Must have been the atmosphere!

Lovebox: Mika

Some more thoughts. First of all, this short but really strong performance made me remember why I go to see live shows instead of just listening to his albums. He is fantastic on stage, the amount of energy is huge and live music is always a little bit different and that way special. I also realized I partly do this because I enjoy the music and partly to take photos and have some material to write and document things, for me it’s simply half of the fun.

Secondly, I enjoyed seeing that Mika is quite consistent with the changes he is making. Loved the simple, casual look (outfits, background, the colors used) and thought it gives the similar clear, more mature feeling as the new web design. Also thought there really is some idea behind the new band and was pleased to notice he is doing/planning to do little changes to his old songs too. And, even he said he is nervous and tweeted about it afterwards (and we know singing new songs and performing in London after breaks usually make him nervous), he didn’t really look nervous at all. The band did, and can’t blame them, they need more shows to get used to everything.

And the most important, I was happy to see that the new songs work live very well and I’m looking forward to hearing them again soon (maybe with a better sound quality). I really like these two songs, especially Make You Happy. When I wake up in the morning, I can hear MYH  in my head and it’s impossible to make it go away without listening to Celebrate. All I wanna do is make you happy, all I wanna do is make you happy… And: I’m coming hooooome…. 

Just a few words. A short but very good Mika show at Lovebox tonight. He performed Relax, Lollipop, Love Today, Make You Happy, Celebrate and Grace Kelly. It was good to hear LT, I had missed it a lot. We heard very different but interesting Lollipop. I think it will be good but maybe needs a couple of more shows to work perfectly? Good to see he is doing some changes in his old songs!

About the new songs, Celebrate worked even better than I had thought, it’s an excellent live song, really. Make You Happy is my favorite of these two songs, but didn’t give as good live impression as I got from Celebrate (but I couldn’t hear Mika’s voice properly during MYH, so I’m waiting for the next festival in Tallinn to hear it again). Can’t say much about the band yet, would definitely like to hear them introduced. Black and white/grey casual clothes and big, white M-I-K-A letters on a black background, both worked well. He is back! He looks a bit older (like we all, lol) but rocks as always.

I don’t have any good quality videos (the sound was too loud for my camera) but uploaded Celebrate and Make You Happy to give a little taste. That’s all this time, but I will write a longer review later. The audience was colorful (loved it) and it was good to see so many lovely people (thank you everyone).


Make You Happy: