Songs: Origin (Of Love)

Origin Of Love is a song about how no one or nothing – like the church – can define how or who we love. There’s just us, the other person and no limits. This is just how I see it. And I love how the song is made light and happy, even there’s a serious issue behind it, it gives it a good contrast and is something very Mika style. The beautiful beginning and ending, happy celebrating part, exciting religious sounding chorus (Latin?) and the final, very addictive chorus (my absolute favorite part in the song). Artists make their music based on their own point of view, but when the music is out there it leaves freedom and space to the audience to see and understand it in their way. We are allowed to have different views and perspectives. Personally I see the message on a general level (not only the church issue). Love comes from inside, it just happens. I saw this tiny interview from Denmark and what he says about the Catholic Church and taking a serious subject and making it sound light and poppy to make people to listen to it makes perfect sense and sounds typical for him.

(Edit: I’ve edited the post with a couple of later live versions.)