Event/gig review: Blue Ball festival in Luzern, Switzerland 7/2012


Switzerland is becoming one of my favorite countries. It’s stunningly beautiful, the combination of mountains and water (you can see the view everywhere, I practically watched it the whole trip from Italy to Luzern) is just breath-taking. The most important thing: the atmosphere is just really easy-going and you just can’t find it too often and I simply love it. So I was very excited to be in Switzerland again and also show the country to my husband. Luzern was beautiful and so small we could do a good sightseeing walk in a couple of hours.

The festival area

The festival area was full of little restaurant stands and music since the early afternoon. A very easy way to spend a day. We arrived after checking out our hotel and because we already did some sightseeing day before we decided to walk and sit (watching the festival area/eating/reading) before we were let in to the venue at 6pm.

The festival: Other performers


The first performer was called Ren Harvieu, and her lazy stylish music was not my style, but she was actually very good (and after watching some bad supporting acts I always appreciate watching good artists, even not my own favorite style). She had a very unique voice. Her music didn’t give me any emotional reaction first, she performed wearing her sunglasses and without any contact with the audience but during the last song she suddenly took her glasses off and smiled to the audience and what a beautiful smile it was! Such a pretty girl!

The festival: Mika

I really enjoyed seeing him at a small indoor venue. It was lovely to see the show done in a smaller, subtle way (and after seeing this show I feel super excited about the future November tour). No extra effects (no confetti or any extra people on stage), lovely soft lighting, the band playing in a smaller way (obviously, because there was not any extra space). The audience was very different than at the other summer festivals: no screaming teenagers or not many international fans but mostly locals from many age groups; a very relaxed group of people who didn’t look very energetic but responded the show well because they obviously knew his music and liked him (or otherwise they wouldn’t have bought expensive tickets to see him).

His voice was very, very good, maybe the best I heard the whole summer. Underwater was absolutely beautiful, it couldn’t possible be any more beautiful than it was in Luzern that night. How can he do the most beautiful performances when he is not even in a good mood? Maybe because he was concentrating so hard on the songs/his singing and tried to shut out everything else. The result was excellent. Now the only problem is that I’m absolutely spoilt: there’s no way any studio version for UW can compete with this amazing live version.

He wasn’t in a good mood in the beginning but did a good performance. I didn’t mind. Well, I can’t be totally happy if I can obviously see he is not happy on stage. But, I appreciate it that artists let their feelings show, it makes them more real, don’t you think so?

The Origin Of Love (filmed with my old automatic camera, so there’s disturbing noise while he’s talking, I still uploaded it to have a memory from the gig).