Songs: Heroes

The kids in the hundreds tomorrow

Will march through the door

They’re fighting someone else’s war

They’ll have so many stories to tell

In exchange for a hero’s farewell


I wish I could

I wish I could make you return

And what if I’ll never discern

As you walk to the toll of the bell

You’ll be fighting for our heaven with hell


And you don’t understand

Why no on else can see

Your blood on me

And my blood on you

But to make you bleed

The only thing I wouldn’t do


And you know heroes aren’t meant to survive

So much harder to love when alive

Walk with the devil in your head

You would think you were better off dead


Where can you go?

We fight we earn

We never learn

And through it all

The hero falls


I wish there was a way

To give you a hand to hold

You don’t have to die in your glory

To never grow old

I always knew Heroes would be one of my favorites, I immediately loved the combination of the lower, serious part and the breath-taking, high chorus part. However, it’s definitely growing on me even more and I’ve been listening to it the whole weekend. Some parts of the lyrics were difficult to hear and understand with my poor English before seeing them written so I checked and wrote them above (just copied from the album cover).

Heroes is a song about a soldier coming from the war, looking unharmed but still traumatized and destroyed inside, having difficulties to integrate to the real world. Quite amazing he can take lyrics like this and make it sound so Mika? Even more amazing (imo) that he can include the song on the album next to songs like Love You When I’m Drunk and Lola and make it look and sound the most natural thing in the world. Here is about making of the Heroes, Mika himself seems to be very pleased with the song. Love seeing him this serious and understanding.

(Edit: I’ve edited my post with the video from Casino de Paris.)