Quick updates: Mika @Vega, Copenhagen 10/2012

What a wonderful concert at Vega tonight! I wasn’t expecting that good atmosphere even I did get a very good vibe (from some little details) just before the gig started and knew it will be a good one. The stage looked better than usually. I wonder who makes it. I know Mika designed it but everything was really on their places and I loved the background especially in cold light/dark (sounds a bit freak but the stage must be right and now it really was).  Mika was at his best mood. I haven’t seen him this lovely for ages. He always does a good show but the mood – it comes naturally and depends on the day. He was chatty and sharing a lot of stories between/in the middle of the songs, I really enjoyed listening to them (and he told not only random comments but more like little stories).

The slower songs were breath-takingly beautiful and the high-energy songs had a fantastic energy, a very good combination. Stardust was so pretty I could hardly breath and I fell in love with Popular. Can’t believe it because it’s my least favorite song but the live version is awesome! The audience was good (young, singing and screaming) and it made him smile. The choir was great again. Hahah, I wasn’t sure if I should just stare at Mika or party with the choir so I did both, lol. I met some great people tonight, it was so much fun! I will upload a few pics and vids and write a proper review when back home. X