Gig reviews: Mika @Vega, Copenhagen 10/2012

Copenhagen, the fans, the venue

I flied to Copenhagen on Tuesday. I had randomly booked a basic hotel near the venue and just look how white, simple and lovely it was! This why I love Denmark, don’t know how they do it, but they make ordinary, everyday things look so good. I could easily live in Copenhagen and I especially love Tivoli and the Botanical garden I have visited with my family a few times.

I traveled alone and was a bit sad about it because I knew the rare people I know from Sweden/Denmark were supposed be in the polkadot choir and spend most of their day backstage. Luckily I met some great new people and Michael (Lara’s friend) and Lau (who’s girlfriend Line was in the choir) kept me company when the girls went backstage. One of the choir members had cancelled so Tim and Max had to do a quick auditioning outside the venue and it was fun to watch. They were really nice and supportive to the people singing to them and told we are all going to have a great time later even only one of the people could be chosen to the choir and I really started to look forward to the show. Vega is such a stylish venue and has an internationally famous architecture and 50’s design, see some pics here.

This was one of my favorite shows! The stage setting was kept very simple, the background with only a few written words looked good. The stage looked almost a bit weird before the show started, all the instruments were in weird positions and there was a lot of empty space. Then the main lights went off, the band took their places, the show started and suddenly everything looked fantastic! I took some pics and noticed everything was in a perfect harmony. Unfortunately most of my photos are poor quality so I can’t show the setting but I realized how challenging it must be for the crew to make every stage look good because the size, height and shape all vary so much.

I managed to film Stardust and it was my favorite song in Copenhagen. I loved Lola and actually fell in love with Popular, the live version is different and much, much better than the album version! UW and Origin were both brilliant, loved them. Mika was really chatty in Copenhagen, it was so much fun to watch. I took some parts of my vids to show his chatting, see it here. The opera singing from the audience was so cool and such a funny detail, loved it!!