Quick updates: Mika @ Atlantico, Rome 9.11.2012

Mika and Italy/Italians have some kind of a special relationship and connection, don’t they? Boy he can make those Italian girls and boys scream – it’s just wild! They scream and sing along loudly and and it’s obvious he loves it. I’ve seen it several times and the same happened tonight.

A few quick words about the gig. He started with Relax (still the best choice to start with and so much better than BIOTG) but something went wrong and we couldn’t hear his voice at all (I’m not sure why, something to do with the sound). It looked he performed like a puppet at first. He was dancing but he didn’t seem to be there for real and I couldn’t help but thinking maybe three gigs without any days off and with tight schedules are simply too much? On the other hand, we had to breath some horrible, smelly and probably poisonous smoke in the queue (coming from a giant heating machine) and it made me both sick and dizzy so maybe it was me who wasn’t really there. Even Underwater was a bit disappointing: too loud and almost aggressive (Mika seemed to be pleased with the song/the audience singing it loudly though).

SITM was better. I loved the beginning and Mika and Curtis playing it together. Love Today, Drunk and EMD were all fantastic! Love Today is so good when the band is playing it strongly and Drunk is one of my personal favorites. EMD just works every time, whatever the mood. Origin was lovely and Italian fans waved heart/grazie posters they had made and he loved the surprise and smiled happily to the audience. After that he seemed to move away to somewhere else again, but you know, maybe it was just me again, the Italian crowd took the most of my attention and he didn’t much chat or make it otherwise easy to have a contact with him. However, I had a feeling he wasn’t really inside of the songs he did. He gave some good tasks to the band tonight, I loved it! During Blue Eyes Tim was actually jumping up and down. Hahah, so much fun to watch, not his usual style at all! Both Curtis and Max had some extra attention/space and I was in front of Felix so I could actually see him playing and I really enjoyed watching it. We didn’t get any extra songs in the end (no Toy Boy etc) and heard Mika was exhausted after the show. I hope he can have some rest before the two Paris shows.

Fran and I are traveling together and things are going well. Our hotel room is huge and the hotel breakfast ridiculously good. I’m tired and hungry so I’m seriously looking forward to both sleeping and eating and will write more later. LOVE meeting Italian fans. A huge thank you to everyone I met and chatted with today!