Quick updates: Mika @ Atelier, Luxembourg 16.11.2012

I saw Mika at Atelier in Luxembourg last night and really enjoyed the show (last one for me at the moment, more in December). I was in a horribly bad mood in the morning (my flights were cancelled and delayed, I had to stay over night alone in Copenhagen and I wasn’t feeling so well, my voice missing for 5 days already) but seeing familiar faces in Luxembourg was so much fun, the venue lovely and tiny and the staff working there incredibly friendly that I really started to look forward to the gig. The audience wasn’t a party one or super amazing (a lot of kids in the audience) but it was generally very good and the atmosphere was really warm. Mika seemed to be in a good mood, I couldn’t understand his chatting (in French) and not sure if he recognized me in front of him (he probably did, he can always recognize everyone) but I had a feeling he had a good contact with the crowd which was loud even so small (the venue capacity was max 800).

A few highlights from last night. We had an “underwater world” prepared for Underwater (German, Belgian etc fans brought fabric, paper and ribbons to make “waves” and different kind of fish) and it all looked really funny and he looked amused and stopped his singing to laugh for a moment in the beginning of the song (it’s definitely not a funny song so the effect was even more hilarious and the waves looked great even it was just random blue fabric and paper). I just couldn’t stop laughing, it was funny indeed. Also, I’m falling in love with some old songs again and again, the band makes them sound awesome, really. SITM is fantastic and I especially love Love Today and not sure how it’s possible but it’s better show after show (it looked Mika and the band felt like on fire during the song) and the combination of LT, Drunk and EMD makes the audience always go wild (the best part of the show, imo). He skipped Happy Ending on purpose again, maybe it’s a bit difficult at the moment, but Stardust, UW and Karen were all lovely and made it up. A great colorful show, more details later, now on my way home. xx