Gig reviews: Mika @ Casino de Paris 12.&13.11.2012

The venue and the fans

The gigs at Casino de Paris were lovely and special. The venue was glamorous and I loved it how he wanted to make the shows even more special wearing his fancy outfits (seriously, too cute, see the pics in my previous posts). I can well imagine his nervous walking before the first show on Monday, checking his clothes several times…

Paris seems always to be important for him, everything must be perfect. I’ve seen 15-20 Mika shows in France so I know the French fans quite well and always enjoy their company. Actually a half of the audience looks always familiar, I’ve seen most of them several times! I saw my favorite ever Mika concert in France (must have been Jam Sessions at Comedy Club 2009, his voice was so beautiful and the venue was tiny and pretty). My most chaotic gig memories are also from France (losing my tickets, seeing the chaos Compiegne etc) and I’ve been on stage in France twice even I don’t speak a word of French. France is always crazy and I always love it (so I’m fine with Mika concentrating on his French market, I really can’t complain).

I traveled with Fran and we met Marion (both nights) and her friend Jonathan (the second night). I was thinking of my favorite and dearest Mika concert memories and I realized that Marion has almost always been there, she is such a kind and easy-going person to spend time with at gigs. Marion, Fran and I found a lovely little restaurant the night before the gigs and had some risotto, wine and chocolate mousse and it was soooo nice (because I need some food to be in a good mood and I always eat chocolate mousse in France, it’s a tradition). Jonathan managed to find a ticket for the second night and joined us. I met Jonathan for the first time at the Comedy Club 2009 and again in Luxembourg 2010 (also a fab gig), he loves dancing and is such a cheerful company and we all had a great time on Tuesday. Thank you everyone, hope to meet to you all again! The Paris choir was really good and I was more than happy to see Netina on stage. Netina is one of those rare people who has always some positive words to say to everyone so it was good to see her having some special time on stage, so deserved.

The shows

I already wrote some details about the both shows. He was a bit nervous in the beginning of the first show but did well and it was a great show, I enjoyed it almost as much as the second show even the latter one was more relaxed. He was in a funny mood on Tuesday, doing even some crazy things on stage (asking a lot of people on stage, dancing and laughing loudly, teaching some Drunk song choreographies to the audience etc). It looked he was determined to make the audience dance and party and succeeded in it. The pictures below are taken during Love Today and Origin on the second night, some of my favorite moments in Paris beside of the Drunk song and Karen. We also heard Heroes for the first time and it was a very special ending for the second show, see the last video below. Doriand was on stage during Karen (both nights) and we met him after the show on Tuesday and he was really friendly and signed my album (which was really nice, because Karen is one of my favorite songs). Lovely three days in Paris, I just wish I could have spent some time walking around, I need to go back soon.