Quick update: Mika @ Roundhouse, London

A quick update on my way from London to Manchester. Mika did a gig at Roundhouse last night and it was a very good show, I was very happy for him. He was struggling with his singing/voice and his mood (not surprising because he is having problems with his vocal chords after being ill for several weeks) but managed to do very well, imo. He wasn’t chatty or totally relaxed but didn’t look nervous either, was funny and teasing and the audience had a very good time. I was very happy to see Melachi after the show! She doesn’t look excited in the pic but she is very calm, well-behaved and used to people and didn’t seem to mind meeting the fans but rather took it as a duty (obviously trained for that). Great two days in London, especially pleased that I managed to see the BBC Christmas concert day before the Roundhouse show (a very lovely surprise)!