Quick updates: Mika @ El Rey Theater, Los Angeles

Saw Mika at El Rey Theater in Los Angeles tonight, a few words about the great show. He told El Rey is the first venue he saw in the US when trying to get signed by a record company and seemed to be excited to perform there, was in a great mood and flirted with people in the audience (surprisingly male audience, a lot of record company people and several of his celeb friends as special guest).

Firstly. He performed Make You Happy together with Greg Wells and as I’ve always wanted to see him I was super excited about the surprise (of course wanted to hear MYH for a long time too). So special to hear something like that! Secondly, Century Man is my new favorite high energy song, it’s awesome! No idea how it feels to hear it performed in a movie by someone else, I’m totally in love with this simple version. Thirdly, Max and Curtis were fab, especially Curtis playing in UW and OMS and they both drumming for their lives. A few pics from tonight above, more later.