Quick updates: Mika @ X Factor Italia


Spending a sleepless night at the airport after two extremely busy days in Milan (please forgive my tired and poor language). So much fun seeing what’s going on in Italy! I will write another report about the signing session and my impressions of Mika’s new success in Italy, now just a few words about the X Factor live show I saw last night. I can’t believe I ended up in Milan in such a short notice and without proper planning (I managed to buy a ticket to the show and it felt like winning a lottery so decided to travel). Some random thoughts:

– I really wanted to see how everything looks in reality; it’s always fascinating to see how television shows are recorded/what’s the atmosphere behind the scenes. Did you know the X Factor Arena in Milan is just a huge tent and not even a proper venue? I didn’t, I was a bit disappointed to see it. A very entertaining evening though, I was almost surprised to notice how much I enjoyed watching the live show. I was far away so my photos are tiny but I could see the stage very well and the acoustic was excellent.

– My interest was divided between Mika’s girls, Michele, Ape Escape and the general level of the competition. Roberta has been my favorite of Mika’s girls since the beginning and did really well this time. I can’t describe my surprise and disappointment when she was voted out. I felt sorry for her and for Mika as she seemed to have the strongest possibilities (of all his girls) to grow in the contest (but just didn’t have time to do it yet as she was in the competition such a short time).

– Another one of my favorites is Gaia who was under voting as well but manage to keep her position (The Street Clerk was voted out). Gaia has a huge personality and talent but somehow doesn’t want to let it out, looks she is almost fighting back. I’m afraid she is simply too young but hoping for the best for the next week, of course!

– Valentina has an amazing natural style and Violetta is beautiful and sensitive but they are not my personal favorites because of their singing style. They seem to do well though and had a great success this week. Somehow they need really fitting/suitable songs to please my taste (didn’t happen this time) but they have very visible own fans (I was sitting near a noisy group with letters VALE) so they might go far and I genuinely hope that for Mika’s sake, love watching him guiding the girls!

– Ape Escape has been strong from the beginning and I’m not sure why they are taking part to a talent show but probably needed some kind of “final kick” to their success that will inevitably follow anyway. I really like their singer and his strong style.

– Michele is super special and the only talent show contestant I’ve ever seen creating his own magical world with almost every song. Michele is very lucky to have Morgan as his guide. I don’t think the song last night was the best he has done but he was still fantastic, imo, and his performance was the only one that made the whole audience naturally stand up without much thinking (even I didn’t see any loud Michele fan groups, was probably just too far away from them).

– I can’t deny that some contestants, like Aba, are really growing. Not my favorites so I haven’t paid a lot of attention to them but they are clearly growing. Can’t wait to see the same happening to Gaia!

– I was childishly excited about every Italian word I could understand but it’s not nearly enough and I’m trying to remember several important and interesting comments I hope someone to translate after the recording is uploaded. Anyway, feels more like a competition week after week, doesn’t it? Mika looked amazingly stylish and I’m sure there’s no need to tell how much I enjoyed watching his work as a judge. He is obviously the star. Everyone inside the venue was holding their breath during the special silence before he was announced to stage.