Mika @ Che tempo che fa

I was lucky to see Mika performing at Italian talk show Che tempo che fa tonight and I must say he ended his Italian adventure in the best possible way doing an absolutely beautiful acoustic performance! His performance can be seen here.  Amazing even on the Mika scale, isn’t it.

Watching him acoustic and with Max and Curtis reminded me of his intimate US tour and as Stardust was so incredibly lovely I suddenly noticed I had tears in my eyes. I realized this was another ending once again (this time with nothing specific yet to look forward to for the new year) and I just couldn’t help but crying a little bit during the whole performance. What kind of a person cries during Grace Kelly?? I bet life is much easier for less emotional people.

I was naturally happy to see the performance. So pleased that he was asked to the show as it seems to be both famous and very high-profile (even the topics were a bit boring, imo) and that he did so extremely well. Lovely weekend in Milan. A huge thank you to Robi who let me stay in her cozy B&B and took a good care of everything and to everyone I met. The Italian fans are such cheerful company, I forgot my tears in no time. Of course we watched the show both live and recorded (below). Got some stickers, thanks to Korea.