Mika @ The Voice France (April 5th)

I spent my weekend in Paris for the first Voice France live show. Almost embarrassing to admit how happy I was to see Mika and spend a few hours watching his television work (hadn’t seen him for months). It made my week and my spring and practically my whole year (in case there really won’t be any summer shows or festival performances, what a sad thought). I love watching Mika at work. Obviously I would rather see a concert than him judging a talent show. However, I do enjoy watching his television work and especially seeing what’s happening behind the scenes. Foreign television shows are difficult for me to follow at home but being there, seeing people’s reactions, talking with local fans and seeing what’s really happening when cameras are off are totally worth traveling.

Was so much fun to travel again. I knew to expect some little things going wrong and didn’t mind my hotel doing double booking and sending me to another one or changing my hotel room in the middle of the night. It’s kind of a part of the package when traveling in France. It’s a part of the charm. I met the local fans on Saturday in front of the studio (a very large area, so difficult to find the right building). We spent a nice and sunny afternoon together. Just waiting, sitting, having coffee. Paris spring looked lovely, so early compared to Finland. The trees around the studio were blooming and I saw the first butterfly for the summer! It was white/pale yellow – a very good omen for the summer – and made me in a good mood and to look forward to the evening. We were let into the building around 6 PM and left our jackets/bags/belongings and had security checks and took our places in the studio. The studio was was not the same as for the auditions and battles but looked almost exactly the same. Only VIP guests had seats and fans/other people with invitations went to the standing area. I could hardly wait the show to start as we knew the coaches would sing (first a medley together and later songs with their teams).

The coaches were introduced before the show started and I was staring Mika’s trousers, what an earth was he wearing? Totally the same shade as the shiny curtains I had in my first student apartment in 90’s. The show started and I could finally had a closer look at his suit. And omg, his suit was full of butterflies! So pretty, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. He was covered with butterflies! I can’t imagine anyone else wearing a suit like that (a picture of the butterfly suit here ). He looked nervous during the introduction and it made me really nervous as well (not just for him but also for his team). There was excitement in the air like always a moment before a live television show. The coaches did their medley (with Relax), had their seats and the show started. First Garou’s team, then Jenifer, Florent Pagny and finally Mika and his team. Three contestant from every team did their songs, the coaches gave a few comments and every time after three performances Nikos announced who was voted safe (by the television audience). The team coach saved one more contestant from their team and the third one was out of the competition. In the end one contestant from every team was out.

Mika had a bad flu. I felt bad for him as always when I see him working sick/not well but live television shows are almost impossible to cancel unless emergency so he just had to do his job. He looked sick and was sneezing and blowing his nose as soon as the cameras went off but he concentrated on every performance during the live show and handled everything well (so he probably didn’t feel comfortable but was able to focus as needed, no worries). The level was very good, there’s a proper competition and I really can’t tell which contestant is most likely to win. Kendji was voted safe from Mika’s team (his performance here) and Mika had to choose between Caroline and Spleen and he practically had no other choice than to choose Caroline. Not going to lie, I’m glad Spleen is out as he was my least favorite and made my ears hurt. I wonder if Mika was really prepared to send him out though. It’s possible he expected (well, I did) Caroline to be the audience favorite as she is the best singer of the these three contestants and that would have made Mika to choose between Kendji and Spleen. That didn’t happen though and the audience seems to like Kendji. I like him too. With suitable songs he is easy and so relaxing to listen to and can go far in the competition (even not as talented and experienced as some other contestant, just my opinion of course).

Caroline hasn’t been my favorite but must say I really enjoyed her performance on Saturday. I liked the song chosen for her and she did well and looked magical on stage in her lovely dress. Every song was like a small show itself with lots of different show elements: fire, dancers, lights, glitter, smoke… Quite grandiose, I guess it’s a part of the concept. Spleen started his performance outside of the studio and walked trough the backstage – cameras following – before coming to stage to make his performance to look a bit different. The schedule was more hectic than during the auditions or battles and the coaches had to tell their opinions quickly with not much time to think or breath. I enjoyed the show, it was surprisingly entertaining, but naturally the best part was to see Mika performing with his team (they did Just Can’t Get Enough, saw him singing it at PDP concert almost six years ago) and see the busy behind the scenes action: ten people suddenly appearing, people jumping to the stage to move props and guiding the audience and a hairdresser putting Mika’s curls in order.

I’m sure his own music means a lot to him and he sounds happy to tell news about his studio work. We just don’t have a possibility to see concerts at the moment or even in the near future so I’m grateful I can still see some other things like television recordings and meet my Mika friends while waiting. The filming took 2,5 hours and when the cameras went off he came and said a quick hi to us (in the audience) and it was sweet and I really appreciated it as it’s always means more when he takes steps to us. It was good to meet so many people, a couple of pics from my phone below.