Mika @ The Voice France (April 12th)

I was lucky to have a ticket for the Voice last night so decided to travel to Paris again (tickets are a lottery after all and never know how it goes with the other shows). I really enjoyed my weekend with the French fans, a huge thank you for your help, everyone! A few words about the live show as everything felt very different than last week.

Well I didn’t find the show as entertaining as a week ago simply because I couldn’t see the stage and all the show elements. An ideal spot was difficult to find and I rather took a spot near Mika than the one next to the stage (yes, fangurl decisions). Also, I generally found the songs chosen to the contestants better last week. Too sad or emotional songs can easily sound like trying too hard and be more risky.

However, Mika’s team was awesome! Marina, Fréro Delavega and Elodie performed their songs and I might be biased but they were better than anyone! They all did well but I loved Fréro Delavega’s performance with circus themed elements (it made me think of PDP and as they used the whole stage I was able to see quite well) and Elodie’s great version of Wicked Game (one of my all time favorite songs) so I was happy that Elodie was voted safe and that Mika decided to keep Fréro Delavega in the contest.

It was confusing and a bit emotional to see Mika in such a different mood than he usually is. He obviously wanted to be anywhere else than in front of millions of people doing a live television show and looked preoccupied (but can’t blame him as he has had a lot on his mind lately). I couldn’t understand his comments in French of course and I had to ask translations from the girls. They told me he was brutally honest and the other judges seemed to respect his opinions.

So he wasn’t his usual lively self after a tiring week but seemed to enjoy watching his team (Fréro Delavega with their stage elements brought a genuine smile on his face) and relaxed in the end when the show was almost over. The highlight of the show was naturally Mika singing EMD with his team (watch it here). Loved watching him on stage again! I like his team at the moment but don’t have a clear favorite. I was so sure it’s one of the boys but now I really like Elodie as well! Also, I like the other coaches more than I thought I would as they all seem to be quite warm and empathic with their teams. I really enjoyed seeing the show and everything happening behind the scenes.