Mika @ The Voice France (May 3rd)

I went to see the Voice France semifinals last night, enjoyed my evening a lot and was a happy fangirl watching Mika coaching his team during the taping. Of course times are different these days. I used to see amazing concerts and had so many expectations and now I’m grateful he is there. Well I would love to see more (concerts and tours) but at least I have a possibility to see him working and I’m happy to have that.

He came to stage a few minutes before the live show started to introduce his team together with the other judges and their teams and was looking so fatherly in the middle of his young contestants Elodie and Kendji. His outfit supported the image as he was wearing a grey suit with a big appliquéd lion figure, looking maybe not as elegant as previous Saturdays but so sympathetic, kind and playful. Obviously he is not old enough to parent teenage children (and most probably not ready and willing to start with 17 yo troublemakers, lol) but all his manners reminded me of a father figure and I suddenly had a new image in my head and could totally see him doing a few more talent show seasons just to collect the money and then settle down, raise a family and enjoy creating and writing music. A bit worrying (from a fan’s point of view) but still a sweet thought. I kept thinking of this new side in him half of the show and admired his boyish showman side the other half. He put up his usual show with Garou, both joking and doing crazy things between the performances.

For me the live show was more entertaining than last time because I could see the performances well and simply because the level is always better the further the competition goes. I found some show elements like big choirs totally unnecessary (they didn’t make boring performances any better) but on the other hand every performance was somehow different which was good for the show structure. Mika and Garou had the most interesting teams and Mika looked nervous and worried for his team until the voting was done (not in a bad way – just in a natural way all the judges live along the competition with their teams) and after that maybe not bored but at least less focused.

He told very clearly he was hoping to see Elodie in the final and was such a shame indeed that she didn’t get enough public votes. I’ve seen her performing a few times now and she is incredibly adorable and very talented and even just a young girl she is stronger than any of the boys and I agree with Mika she would have deserved to be there until the end. On the other hand, Kendji did his part well and has a huge public support (even though not as talented) and I totally understand why people vote him. His gipsy charm is is very powerful and not only talking about his appearance even it obviously brings him a lot of young fans too. I hope he can show his own style/sound with suitable songs in the final and I actually believe he will win the competition as the best singers are out already anyway and the other finalists are not that interesting, imo.

And then it was over once again. We didn’t see Mika singing this time and I was a bit disappointed about it but I did enjoy watching everything and had a good time. The weather was cold and windy and I’m probably catching a cold but the chilly afternoon was still sunny and we had fun waiting the doors to open. The French fans organized a nice surprise to Mika (Meggy and Melanie did the main work – a huge thank you to them – and a lot of fans were involved) ordering him hand-made chocolate art delivered to his dressing room with pretty flowers and we were wondering if he ever got the present when he suddenly tweeted about it. A nice gesture from him, imo. I’m sure he knew it would make his fans smile. Below pictures from Mika’s twitter and instagram to show both the chocolate piano and his lion suit from last night.

I’m already back home and absolutely exhausted. Traveling to event’s like The Voice is more tiring than traveling to concerts as the adrenaline music gives is missing. I’m still glad I went and I had a good time indeed -it’s always good to experience things in real life.

Photo: Mikasounds/twitter
Photo: Mikainstagram