Mika @ The Voice France (May 10th)

I already knew how live shows are done (recording/technical side) and had seen the Voice contestants performing several times but was so tempting to see Mika’s team to win and especially his Barbara performance with Kendji that I decided to go to see the Voice final and was afterwards very happy about this decision. I read in advance about the special guests for the night and didn’t find them interesting (and guests could only mean less time for Mika/judges to be on stage) but eventually they were all maybe not my taste but still experienced and entertaining and definitely made the show more colorful by performing together with the contestants. Kylie Minogue started doing a medley with the finalists and each of the other special guests performed one song with a chosen finalist.

I felt so lucky to be there when the show started and Mika and the other judges appeared on stage. Mika was wearing a classic and smart still very unique navy/white Valentino suit with an eagle appliqué and took a few deep breaths before sitting in his chair. The contestants looked dapper in their dark suits and did first their medley with Kylie who looked sweet (first time I saw her). Garou and Florent Pagny looked casual next to Mika and Jenifer who was glowing in her black mini dress very pregnant already. She had killer high heels which she had to take off while sitting and I felt for her and loved it how Mika paid attention and took care of her when they walked off the stage after their performance.

The finalists did first the medley with Kylie, then songs with the guest artists, then their solo performances and in the end each of them songs together with their judges. Maximilian was the best contestant last night, imo, even I knew that Kendji must be the winner and couldn’t wait the announcement to see Mika and Kendji and their faces. Wesley was “adult style” and extremely boring, Amir really sweet but boring and Maximilian and Kendji my favorites for the night exactly as I expected in advance.

I loved the songs chosen for Kendji! It was obvious he was going to win no matter what happens during the final and he is young, inexperienced and had worked with his limits for several weeks already so I really hoped Mika to choose him suitable songs to see strong, good performances and I think the choices were brilliant. His solo performance showed his origin (exactly like I hoped) which was only fair as it was one reason he was voted in the first place – referring to both the support from the gipsy community and his own style people seemed to like (well I liked it).

I was worried before Mika and Kendji did L’Aigle noir together (thanks to Eriko for the clips). I know how wonderful Mika is doing Barbara songs and I couldn’t bear the idea of him doing it together with someone not equally good. I thought the song is too serious for Kendji, that he is simply too young and inexperienced and already saw him ruining this beautiful rare experience but he didn’t. Actually, he did really well, imo. I can’t understand how it was possible but it was a beautiful, touching performance, totally a positive surprise and I really enjoyed it and even it was so serious I couldn’t help but smiling during the song as I was so relieved it went so well and I was lucky to hear Mika singing this beautiful song. Such a highlight for the show and a good way for Kendji to win the competition (especially combined to the more rock style song he did together with Jean-Louis Aubert).

And then the most exciting part: announcing the winner. Mika looked nervous but surely knew how strong support Kendji had behind him and finally Nikos announced him as the winner and people celebrated and no one looked surprised, not even Kendji himself and he went to sit with Mika and looked pleased but not in an arrogant way. He is so young, I wonder what’s going to happen to him next, wishing him the best.

Mika looked happy (well he must be happy everything went that well and that he was such a star – again – after the previous success story in the XF) and it was time to celebrate. The guest artists did their own performances and finally Kendji his gipsy medley again while the others (finalists and judges) were dancing behind him (Mika and Garou doing their last dance for the season). And it was over and Mika waved good night and he and Kendji started their busy posing for photographers and I bet the French media is full of them (sadly didn’t have time to research papers before leaving).

The French adventure is over (for a while, I’m sure he is doing a lot things in France in the future as usual) and I want to say a huge thank to French fans who have been extremely patient and kind with me. I’m not one of them and don’t belong to there yet they have always helped me in so many ways. The Voice production was also extremely nice with fans and I soon learned to recognize different fan groups. Excited Kendji fans were given s few extra barriers, added security and a lot of extra instruction before the final live show and I think they did listen to carefully as everything seemed to go well.

The audience was loud though and it was difficult to hear Nikos and the judges talking and everyone (literally everyone, not just me with my non-existing French) actually missed Nikos mentioning a new Mika single in June. Such fantastic news even we can’t be yet sure it’s true.

The main reason why I want to see live show recordings is naturally seeing Mika and hearing his singing during these long waiting periods but I also love watching how television work is done behind the scenes and enjoy observing camera men, hair/make-up people and Mika/judges preparing for live shows. I wonder if he hates people watching him when he is trying to focus but he can’t really help it, there are always people watching and at least most of his old fans are quiet and give him silence to concentrate on his job while new Voice fans are constantly shouting his name. I was in a situation where he was surrounded by people and it was scary and uncomfortable – people immediately coming very close, putting their cameras in front of his face, everyone shouting his name – and I expect he will see more of it, being on television/media week after week.

Congratulations to the winners once again! Below a couple of tweets with pics.

#TheVoice@GiracKendji a été sacré The Voice hier soir en direct sur TF1 ! REPLAY ► http://t.co/SW43vU12ifpic.twitter.com/t2uSU7MnPi
— The Voice Officiel (@TheVoice_TF1) May 11, 2014