Quick updates: XF auditions in Bologna

Just a few words about the auditions in Bologna on Sunday (June 8th).

I really like the new judge team! Morgan is still there so there will definitely be enough drama during the season – we already saw a taste – but still more down-to-earth casting compared to last year, imo. People seem to like young Fedez more than they expected in advance and why not, he seems a nice and correct guy. I liked how he behaved with one of the contestants (can’t obviously give any spoilers, it will probably be on television later). Mika is giving him a lot of attention, hahah Morgan must feel jealous already!

The contestants for Sunday were generally poor level, imo, but liked one boy and going to follow him later in the competition. One girl was genuinely interesting and can go far. Mika said no to her though and I hope he won’t let her go like happened with Roberta last time. Similar thoughts about an interesting group on Sunday. All of them still in the competition and will see them later again. Some contestants were there only to give color to the show (looking silly, talking too much, arguing), must say I don’t like this part of the concept. I hope the level is better for Monday’s auditions.

None of the judges was especially chatty on Sunday until the later hour when everyone was tired already/focusing wasn’t so easy any more. I heard the atmosphere was different night before and that Mika and Morgan were joking a lot and talking with the audience. Most of the people are in the audience for Mika and he is totally the star but still humble as usual. He didn’t much chat with the audience but still obviously paid attention and for example went to a disabled girl with a poster for him as soon as noticed her and took a pic with her (needless to say how much I love him always doing little gestures like that).

The new single Boum-Boum-Boum will be published in two days. Some fans were singing the chorus part and Mika gave a tiny sneak peek to the song! He didn’t even turn around and it was just a few words in French but still fun and made us all happy and smiling! He also explained the meaning of the boumboums with suitable moves so it should be clear to everyone now!

Italian discussion are easier for me to follow compared to French (I can at least understand key words here and there) but I naturally totally miss jokes and every possible off topic comment so a huge thank you for translating to my Italian friends once again! So good to see all familiar people again. It’s very hot in Bologna but I’m trying to enjoy the sun, I can do it only rarely at home.