Mika Fan club is doing a yearbook and while writing my festival report for the book I realized I never posted the photos I took during my trip to the Faroe Islands Summer Festival 2013. I read my old blog entry and everything came back to my mind again.

Breath-taking views, walking in the chilly weather, sitting in the warm and cozy living-room style tourist cafe, listening to the local radio station and watching mothers and their babies dancing along Grace Kelly.

The young, very excited audience, local “security” standing in front of the crowd with their flashlights (ready to point the light into the eyes in case one of the kids in the audience misbehaved) and of course Mika singing Underwater at the beautiful, foggy venue. Unforgettable memories. Some photos below.





















What’s the point in singing silly love songs.

You think you’re in love, boy, but you don’t really know what love is. You think love is a joke but there ain’t too much to laugh at. Love is just a cautionary, momentary, reactionary lie. Love is a drug. Love is addiction. Some love is a pill and some love is a candy cane – it tastes so sweet but leaves you feeling sick with pain. Love is overrated (in this goddamn world). It’s just an illusion to me.

There was a girl, thought she knew what her life was going to do. Then she goes and falls in love and throws it all away. Could you believe the same old story. This is the hardest story that I’ve ever told.

I’m sitting across from you and dreaming of the things I do. I say nothing but stare at you. Looks that books take pages to tell, the whole world in your pocket. Everybody’s smiling at you everywhere you go. Like you’ve got that secret that everybody else wants to know.

You come a little closer, I rest upon your shoulder. You’re calling me baby. In thirty years we’ll still be happy. Don’t know why but all your words sound just like a melody. From the pieces that I’ve heard I could build a symphony. With your love I can breath underwater. You are the sun and the light, you are the freedom I fight. You are the origin of love.

But everything changes in the blink of an eye. To avoid conversation you’re ignoring me. You shout with nothing to say and fight til you get your way. It hurts but what can I do, I won’t turn into a kid too. I look at you, you look at me, we bite each other. It’s getting harder and harder to bear. Now enough is enough. I’m not a trick up your sleeve, I’m not a part of your show. What you’re here for, I don’t need it.

Someone needs to say it first, even if the words may hurt. Guess what lover, I’m leaving. You’re making me more ordinary in every possible way. It’s nothing like the life we wanted. You better move on cause I’m ready for more than this. Save me from your theories. There won’t be me and you. No hope no love no glory. No happy ending.

Blame it on me. Make it my fault, win the game. Point the finger, place the blame. Blame it on your mother, blame it on your father. Blame it on the girls, blame it on the boys. Blame it on the weather. Blame it on you. You could have children and a wife – a perfect little life – but you blow it on a bottle of wine.

You got a dangerous obsession. Now I’m in need of some protection, that was never my intention. Used to love me now you hate me. Now I’m lost and I’m screaming for help. I feel like trash. Why don’t you like me? Why don’t you like yourself?

Another day, another wake up. Sorrow is so peculiar. It comes in a day, then it’ll never leave you. You take a pill, wonder if it will never fix you. I’m busy in the blissful unaware. I don’t care if I ever talk to you again.

This is just my interpretation. What’s the point in singing silly love songs.

(Just a fictional story I made for fun. Words borrowed from Mika.)




For some reason I haven’t earlier blogged about the Parc des Princes show in Paris 2008. Partly because it was an arena/stadium show and even I had a great seat I was so far away I don’t have much material to share. Partly because it was only my second Mika show – I was still a newbie at live gigs – and the event was such a massive emotional experience it’s not even possible to describe or explain it all.

The show – designed together with stage and costume designer Es Devlin – was literally a circus. It was so colorful and full of details it almost caused a sensory overload. It must be one of the most important moments of Mika’s career and I’m grateful I saw it. At the same time wish I could see it all again, now with my current experience and point of view to be able to register and remember every detail and to see the whole event from a different perspective.

My first thought would be how huge and important it is! Big on any scale and for any artist. I would think how special it is for Mika to make his childhood dreams come true (by creating a real circus) and I would wonder how many people and working hours are needed to prepare a concert that big/what kind of a financial risk the event must be. I would take hundreds of pictures and document every single detail.

That time all I could think was myself and that I needed a Mika concert. I felt I hadn’t slept for 8 years. I needed energy and I needed something to blow my mind in a legal, somehow healthy way. My children were still very young and I couldn’t travel on my own so I took my whole family (including my sister in law) and spent a week in Paris to be able to see the show. It was wonderful! It worked exactly as I had hoped and kept me happy for months.

I don’t think arenas are ideal for any artist, they are more suitable for bands, imo. The stage was giant and Mika was running most of the time. I had a seat and I was a bit jealous watching people partying in front of stage. The zoom in my camera was non-existent so I was super jealous watching professional photographers walking around the venue as a group with all their equipments (some of them had even trolleys!). Why can’t I walk around and use a giant zoom like they do?! “Because they are allowed to and you are not, you are supposed to be in the audience” (my husband said and gently pushed me back to my seat). My view was actually really good. I loved watching the show elements brought into the crowd, I loved watching the massive audience.

It was a magical night and a lovely week in Paris. A beautiful start for my later “Mika in France” experiences. A newspaper article and a couple of my old videos below. To tell the truth I don’t know what the article says, I just happened to see it in a cafe. After 6 years and dozens of shows in France I (sadly) still don’t speak French. Love Today was probably the best part of the show (be sure to watch the whole video with the giant dragon). Just can’t get enough is one of Mika’s rare covers.