Songs: 10 songs with a special meaning

Most of you have probably bumped into a FB challenge asking your top 10 Mika songs with a special meaning to you. The fascinating and a bit surprising (imo) thing was to see how totally different these lists are compared to each other – no two lists are similar and it’s difficult to find generally popular songs. If someone hasn’t done their list yet feel challenged to do it now.

I added youtube links to the versions I regularly listen to and wrote a short explanation what these songs mean to me. Sometimes an image/story/theme comes through the melody, sometimes through the lyrics. Sometimes the song is somehow connected to my current situation or memories and gets a new meaning that way. I think we are all free to have our own interpretations. When songs reach to their listeners they are already living lives of their own anyway.

Acoustic Relax
I’m Falling
Century Man
Ring Ring
Love Today (live)

My absolute favorite of all Mika songs is and has always been (acoustic) Relax. There’s love and it’s there forever. That’s exactly how I want it and what makes my world go round so listening to the song gives me a good, content feeling. I guess I categorize Underwater the same way. I’m falling is simple and honest even sad. Rain isn’t as obvious on the list but definitely one of my favorite live songs.

Century Man, Ring Ring and Love Today are high-energy songs. I love the energy and think it’s an important part of Mika shows and his power on stage.

I love Karen mostly for its extremely pretty melody but also enjoy how French sounds in my ears. I’ve always imagined Karen and Lola as prostitutes. There’s a random story in my head and one of the characters is a mix of Karen and Lola and for some reason I can see this imaginary character in my head whenever I listen to those songs.

Origin is about freedom. Freedom to love, freedom to be who we are. I enjoy the flying feeling in the song – especially in live versions – and simply adore both the song and the short film made for it.