The Voice France battles were recorded a week before Christmas. Made sense for me to travel for Thursday and Saturday so I could also take part to the fan meeting organized on Saturday morning. I often travel to see Mika before Christmas and thought it might give a warm, christmassy feeling and it did indeed.

Battles are less entertaining than auditions or live shows though. We can see more reactions from the judges during blind auditions and live shows offer live recording excitement and proper show elements. At battles the judges are mainly focused on commenting and I obviously can’t follow equally well even Melissa helped me with translations once again. I enjoyed watching but was a bit sleepy on Thursday and let my mind wander in random details on Saturday.

For example, some of the young female contestants were dressed in outfits suitable for old women, why on earth? Soon after my style thoughts two young contestants from Mika’s team came on stage looking fresh and natural wearing jeans and Mika actually pointed out how “not over-dressing” has an effect on performing and being more genuine and totally agree with that. I really liked the girl wearing retro jeans but don’t have any clear favorites this year.

Several contestant (mostly from teams Mika/Zazie) look interesting and I want to see if any of them can grow enough to win the competition. At this point of the season many performances are still clumsy. I can’t give spoilers or details but I liked most song choices from Mika’s team even of course I can’t always understand his talent decisions (I’m not really musical and my taste is selective). Most times I did though.

As everyone probably knows the idea of battles is two contestants singing the same song and their coach deciding after that which one is in and which one out. Every coach had a possibility to save one contestant from another team and Florent Pagny used his card to save a really good, young contestant from Mika’s team. Happy for that Mika gave Florent Pagny a kiss and saved a contestant from his team as a return (not his usual style of a singer but nicely played anyway, imo).

Made me smile to see Mika and I enjoyed watching his working once again. He was wearing a magical velvet suit that looked black but was actually green as we could see under certain lights. The judges performed Come Together twice both nights and it wasn’t such an awesome version (as a group performance) but I loved seeing Mika on stage as always and everyone was dancing and and the whole performance was lot of fun. We saw Igit performing on Thursday and Florent Pagny on Saturday and neither of them my style but both proper singers so can’t complain and we didn’t have much hope to hear Mika singing anyway.

As I already mentioned earlier it’s good to see fan groups for different artists getting along so well and making friends. Something we can’t take for granted. The staff working around recordings was really nice again and seems they have learned that fans make a trustworthy and cheerful audience as there’s no sign of the strict attitude they showed in the very beginning.

I stayed at a hotel quite near the studios and on Saturday morning walked a twenty minutes way to an Irish pub where the French fans were gathering for a fan meeting. A huge thank you to Meggy and Melanie for organizing once again! So much fun to see a big group of people together, having lunch and chatting listening Mika on the background.

He promised to send “something to the party to make the last recording day smoother” but I wasn’t sure he can actually remember it in the middle of busy rehearsing. He did remember though and called (well, asked his team to call) to the restaurant to take care of the whole party and it was incredibly sweet -not just because of the money but the gesture – that he remembered and bothered for his fans. So kind and made everyone in a happy Christmas mood. A few pictures of the party below.