10 February Mika with OMS / report

11 February Mika with OMS / report

12 February Mika with OMS / report


03 May Verboten, Brooklyn, USA / report

04 May Webster Hall, NYC, USA / photo gallery & report

06 May Belasco, Los Angeles, USA /

24 May Seoul Jazz Festival, Seoul, Korea

26 May Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan / photo gallery & report

27 May Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan / photos & videos & report

29 May Hit MF Live, Beijing, China

30 May Xihu Festival, Hangzhou, China


01 June A8 Live, Shenzhen, China / cancelled

03 June The Vine, Hong Hong / cancelled

07 June Caribana Festival, Nyon, Switzerland / photo gallery & report

10 June Fabrique, Milan, Italy / photo gallery & report

13 June Franco Gourmandes, Tournus, France

21 June British Summer Time Festival, London, UK


03 July Good Morning America, Central Park, NYC

04 July Place des Arts, Montreal, Canada

05 July Place des Arts, Montreal, Canada

10 July Festival Jardins de pedralbes, Barcelona, Spain report

18 July Festival FNAC, Paris, France / FREE SHOW

19 July Colours of Ostrava Festival, Ostrava, Czech Republic photo gallery & report

23 July Teatro Antico, Taormina, Sicily, Italy report with pics

25 July Arena della Regina, Cattolica, Italy report

30 July Estivale Open Air Festival, Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland

31 July Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium photo gallery & report


02 August Arenal Sound, Burriana, Spain 

06 August Rochefort Summer Sound, Rocherfort, France report with pics

07 August Festival Fete du Bruit, France photo gallery & report with more pics

29 August Place du Casino, Monter Carlo, Monaco FREE GIG report with pics & photo gallery


18 September Le Liberte, Rennes, France photo gallery & report

19 September Zenith, Paris, France / sold out photo gallery & report

20 September, Zenith, Lille, France

22 September Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands

23 September Forest National, Brussels, Belgium report with pics

25 September Den Atelier, Luxembourg report with pics

26 September Komplex 457, Zurich, Switzerland report with pics

27 September Mediolanum Forum, Milan, Italy videos

29 September Palalottomatica, Rome, Italy

30 September Mandela Forum, Florence, Italy


01 October  L’Amphitheatre Lyon, France

03 October Medoquine, Bordeaux, France photo gallery

04 October Le Bikini, Toulouse, France photo gallery

05 October El Ring de Barclaycard, Madrid, Spain photo gallery & some thoughts

07 October Le Silo, Marseille, France / postponed

08 October Le Summum, Grenoble, France / postponed

09 October Zenith, Nancy, France

11 October Le Phare, Tournefeuille, France

13 October Zenith, Limoges, France

14 October Vendespace, Mouilleron Le Captif, France

16 October Zenith, Caen, France

17 October Zenith, Paris, France report with pics

18 October Adelphe Theatre, London, UK report

24 October Teatro Sociale, Como, Italy report & photo gallery

27 October Le Silo, Marseille, France report with pics and videos