Mika @ The Voice France recordings in Paris 1/2015

I never posted my New Year’s post, not sure why. Happy New Year, everyone! Odd years are traditionally good ones and this year will be very special with the new album. There’s mixed information about releasing it. I don’t mind if it’s happening later this year. There are so many things happening already and I’m just happy we have an album to look forward to.

My January has been busy and I could travel to Paris only for one of the two recordings days and chose Tuesday. I was disappointed to hear that Mika’s team had performed on Saturday already. I was naturally hoping to see his final team and how he is choosing it and if I had known it had already happened I might have cancelled my trip. However, I couldn’t know so I was there and had a good time anyway! It’s always good to see Mika and to be honest, Zazie and Florent Pagny probably had together better teams than Mika and Jenifer (who’s team performed also on Saturday) together.

The locals told that the atmosphere on Saturday was emotionally very heavy due to the sad events last week. People were still shocked and at least three people in the audience had fainted during the recording on Saturday which is very unusual (never seen that happen). On Tuesday people seemed to be more back on their routines. Everything looked normal even people naturally mentioned the events. I couldn’t see anything unusual like extra security at the airport but I’m sure everyone in Paris is still alarmed and for example the studio kept their gates closed which they don’t usually do.

The third round of the Voice (blind auditions and battles being the first and second) means that every coach brings their contestants on stage in groups of three and chooses one contestant from each group for live shows. Every team performed three times (3 times 3 contestants/songs) so in the end each coach had three contestants in their teams for live shows. Every coach had also an “extra card” and they chose one more contestant from someone else’s team so now every team has four members for live shows starting in  April.

Mika and Jenifer had already chosen their teams on Saturday. I heard some spoilers about Mika’s team and I can remember his contestants from earlier rounds. Maybe not the best but still good, very international and many ways his style of a team so he can be pleased with the recordings so far. I can’t remember Jenifer’s team but heard the girl with the unique, traditional/folk singing style is going to live shows. Absolutely a silly decision, imo, and I wonder if Jenifer is that emotional with her roots or if the production made it to offer something unusual.

Zazie has a great team and I really like her style. I liked many of the songs she had chosen for her team and that the majority of her contestant were male singers (much more my taste than female singers, I don’t much listen to female singers as they so often have this cold, metallic sound in their voice that gives me as much pleasure as a visit to a dentist). Two contestants in Zazie’s team were predictable favorites and they both continue to live shows even the second one had a very unsuccessful song choice to sing on Tuesday.

Florent Pagny likes good and strong but somehow for my taste boring singers. However, this year his team is better than last year and one of his contestants is actually very good and interesting so the competition will be very hard for each coach and the result depends on how versatile and charismatic the contestants will be on live shows.

Mika had still his extra card to use. I thought he is keeping it to save the girl who was originally in his team but surprisingly he used it earlier for a young boy from Florent Pagny’s team. The boy looked nervous and insecure (obviously knowing he doesn’t have a good chance against a very strong girl in his group) but did still a great performance and I really liked him and wished he could continue. Suddenly Mika pushed the button! Well he had to push it once but I was happy he did it that moment and thought I could give him a hug for doing it and that it was worth coming just to see him choosing that particular contestant.

The weather in Paris was awful and it was still raining when we got out the studio after the recording (after 1 AM) and I left immediately as Isa had kindly offered me a lift to the airport, a huge thank you to her for doing the extra driving, she had still a long way to drive to Belgium. I was lucky to find an open door at the CDG – the airport is mostly closed at night time – and did my best to stay awake until my early morning flight. Traveling from talent shows IS different than traveling from concerts because there’s no adrenaline to give extra strength. I wonder if it’s same for Mika or if the television work is equally exciting for him.

Thanks again to everyone I met in Paris, it’s always a pleasure and see you hopefully soon! Only four weeks until Montreal. I almost can’t believe it’s finally happening. Time to start planning.