Traveling, events, people: Montreal


Back home from my Montreal trip. Feeling ordinary and a little bit worried it actually was the last party but pushing that thought away. At least it was the best time we ever had. (Edit: Just referring to his new lyrics which have been constantly playing in my head since I heard them!)

A little summary about the three Mika concerts I saw during my trip. I really felt a different vibe every night. I always get a separate pleasure from his voice as a sound and from the emotions his songs bring to me. On the first night I was totally focused on his voice. He was focused on controlling it. The performance was flawless and his voice sounded as beautiful and incredible as it ever can. For a short moment I was (for real) almost angry he made us wait for his singing this long. Lol, he put us through the misery again!

But there’s no way to push him. He does things when he feels like it, if he feels like it. And now there he was, directly in front of me. My seat was in the middle of the first row so I could easily see the sweat drops. He must have felt a huge pressure but we really couldn’t hear it. I listened to his voice and the combination it made with the orchestra music and was so shocked by the amount of pleasure I was practically shaking the whole concert and long after that.

The second night was more relaxed, probably to everyone. It was easy to focus on every song as a story and it seemed to be easy for Mika as well. And by saying that I don’t mean his singing wasn’t equally good it was night before even it wasn’t as controlled or careful. I’m simply saying he looked more relaxed and able to live every story together with the orchestra and that was a wonderful experience. I described it earlier as “making every song as a painting” and later read Mika talking about ”colors and patterns and bringing out the emotional range”. Whatever the words, it was beautiful and it was something I hadn’t felt this strongly before. I wasn’t shaking anymore, felt just quietly happy and content.

The third night was a bit of the combination of the the first two nights. I could both hear and see even better than earlier (if that’s even possible) and let myself be amazed by the orchestra and the acoustics that let me for once to separate every sound and voice. I could hear everything so clearly: Mika, Ida, Max, the orchestra. It was magical and something I had always dreamed about. I didn’t want to let the ”last night sadness” take over me. It wasn’t the moment to be sad, there’s plenty of time for that now. I just enjoyed and tried to listen to every lyrics as carefully as I could and was and still am more impressed by his new, thoughtful songs than I’ve ever been before. Now waiting for new music even more eagerly I did before!

He did a little speech to his fans after the last concert and reminded how we go to his concerts covered with mud and beer OR with make-up and jewelry and that his music is everything between that. A sweet little speech and a good way to end the Montreal concerts.


An important part of the week was of course meeting fans from all over the world. We had a big fan club meeting on Wednesday and gathered for drinks and dinner in an Italian restaurant where the mama mod Deb and the Canadian fans had made all the arrangements. In the end of the meal the restaurant brought us a special surprise from Mika. A beautiful cake decorated with exactly the same illustration as in the official concert poster. More a piece of art than a cake. So special and made me think he wants to do everything (even cakes!) with his own style: beautiful and sophisticated with a creative, colorful twist. Like his elegant navy suits decorated with little flowers, letters and hearts.

I arrived Montreal late Saturday night so I had Sunday and Monday for sightseeing and decided to visit Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and their orientalism exhibition. I love museums. I love them as places, I love the serene atmosphere and people focusing on art or science. I’m not specifically into arts but I enjoy visual beauty and find it fascinating how art describes our society across time the way artists have seen – or wanted to see – it. It makes me think of what kind of life they lived, their working environment and their social circles that always seem to been so small and wonder if it’s similar these days. If it’s similar for Mika. Just think of all the people he knows (Dario Fo, for example).





I visited the Montreal chocolate festival and Notre Dame Basilica (beautiful and definitely worth visit) and did small walks in Old Port (tbh not so interesting this time of the year.) The weather wasn’t cold and dry as I had expected and as it is in Scandinavia but nasty and brutal with wet and salty streets so I stayed underground more than had originally planned. On Thursday we went to Grevin wax museum as a big group of fans, took pictures of wax Mika and just had fun.



Montreal is an easy-going place. It’s French speaking but everyone speaks also English. It’s easy to walk around underground and find all kind of food (makes the quality of my life always better). It’s expensive though. Well not more expensive than Europe but it feels like it because you never know how much you need to pay (taxes or services are not included in prices). People are kind and polite and pay attention. A huge thank you to the Canadian fans for their help and for letting us to invade their country and thank you all the lovely people I met during my trip. Thank you Mika and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra for the amazing performances. Can’t express how grateful I am for being able to see these three special events xx