I feel drunken by the new album after listening to it on repeat for four days. I didn’t want to leave my house during the weekend. I quickly did what I had to do and returned to my magical bubble. Already wrote my first impressions about the album here. I have three kind of thoughts on my mind now.

Firstly, I never expected the album to be this sad. There’s always a dark side in his music but it’s hidden and covered with other elements and I never thought he is this vulnerable or at least that he would this openly show it and I feel both heavy (because of strong emotions) and extremely proud of him. I feel so heavy I’ve actually cried a lot but I’m proud and impressed that he had the courage to do an album like this. I saw him describing the new music joyful but that’s not how it sounds to me. I hear serious songs and I think he is handling some very important issues and that whatever he feels at this moment the path there couldn’t always be easy and joyful.

I’m almost equally impressed by the way he is using his vocal range, giving us a taste of every tone and – for once – letting us properly hear it without covering it too much. I love his voice so much I sometimes listen to him speaking a foreign language for hours but I prefer his singing and now when we finally have new music I can’t get enough of it. It’s filling my brain and heart and soul and every cell in my body like a new drug and I don’t even feel guilty of it. I waited this patiently. I’ve earned this.

Thirdly, I am a bit confused about the way the album was brought out now when it’s all there in front of us. They could have offered people the most fascinating and addictive song Promiseland to wake them up, then continue with powerful Last Party, then satisfy them with best-quality, balanced songs like No Place In Heaven and Good Wife or beautiful ballads like Hurts and Porcelain adding some quirky songs like Oh Girl You Are the Devil or more meaningful themes like in Good Guys. Instead of that they released Talk About You and it just doesn’t make sense to me but I guess they have their reasons and I don’t know much about the music industry any way.

I’ve watched him this year in New York, Tokyo and in Europe and he has this totally new confidence that I haven’t seen before. He looks like he is ready to seduce the world and now I want to see him on stage putting all that confidence on Promiseland. It’s the only song on the album where the tone is telling, not asking and there’s nothing more attractive than knowing what one wants and taking it, not in an arrogant way but because it’s deserved. I just want to see him taking what belongs to him (with this absolutely brilliant album). Trying to follow the album promotion via internet as much as possible. I’m off for holidays later this week and need to wait for my next gig for a few weeks. Be well you all xxx

Mika’s new album No Place in Heaven was out in my country on Friday and I was listening to it the whole day and wanted to write down some first impressions before they fade away – as they so quickly do – and before the songs start to grow and get new tones and directions in my head.

In advance he described the album honest, uncovered and stripped-down compared to TOOL. I totally get his words now. No Place in Heaven is like another side of the coin. It’s uncovered on every level. Where TOOL was about the happy, careless side of love, NPIH is about fears and getting hurt. Even the title songs introduce the opposite sides. Origin gives the impression of not caring about church or judgement, No Place in Heaven is begging to be accepted.

It’s a very sad album. I loved TOOL for its careless tone and several of my favorite songs (especially acoustic versions) come from that album. However, I prefer Mika being more honest and simple, less electronic music is more suitable for my personal taste. The majority of the songs on NPIH are strong and very Mika style and I have no doubts he can make excellent live versions of every song on the album.

For me every new album means getting new songs for live performances and I immediately start to pick out my favorites thinking of possibilities they offer for concerts. This time I wanted to do a very careful first listening to the album (as it is) because it’s important and tells about Mika as an artist. Who he is and what he wants to expose and share at this point of his career.

So I went through the album song by song. I listened to Talk about You and immediately smiled like I always do when I hear his voice. Talk About You is quite meaningless (as a song) and far away from the theme of the album but it gets a nice twist performed live and is one of my favorite gig songs at the moment. He is copying bits of Sara perche ti amo (openly and giving credit for it) and for me it’s nostalgia from my childhood and something that brings me happy memories and makes me in a good mood but I know many Italians see it just trash and I still think he took a big risk with the song.

Went from smiling to a sobbing cry with All She Wants which at the first listening felt the saddest song I’ve ever heard. Maybe it’s just too personal for me. I have three sons and in my priorities nothing goes over mother-son relationships and just a thought that any son – especially Mika – has ever felt they are not good enough or somehow not filling their mothers’ expectations is extremely sad. And again, where cheerful EMD was about mother pushing her son forward All She Wants shows the other, more painful side.

I couldn’t stop crying while listening to All She Wants. I wish I could ask Mika not to perform the song live because I don’t want to cry like that at gigs. I saw a Korean interview where he talked about set lists and what he said about “giving people songs they want” was the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard from his mouth. He decides and has always decided what people want to hear. I’ve always thought it’s his privilege as an artist. It’s his show. I can hear from clapping and little hey-heys that he is already planning to do All She Wants live so I better learn to clap in rhythm.

Last Party is still my biggest personal favorite on the album. I love the passion in it and I love that there’s such a strong story behind it. It’s everything I want from a good song and I might even say Last Party is my biggest favorite of all Mika songs. More dramatic/powerful live versions put the album version in the shade though.

Good Guys is a 30s crisis song. It’s about realizing that people you have always looked up to are just human, realizing that the whole thought of having principles and high values is just an illusion, thinking you had role models but suddenly noticing you might be a role model to someone else. What can I say. There are still good people in this world. What else can you do than just try to do the right thing? He is a good role model for so many young people. Good Guys is not my biggest favorites on the album but Mika seems to enjoy singing it live which makes it really enjoyable at gigs.

I have absolutely no idea what Oh Girl You Are the Devil is about. It’s continuation (after Dr John and One Foot Boy) of the series of Mika songs I simply can’t understand. The melody is very teasing and the whole package extremely interesting! This could be great at gigs! I spent my day wondering who makes the low sounds. Mika really can change his voice like that? I’m very impressed.

No Place in Heaven. Did I really think All She Wants is the saddest song I’ve ever heard? I never thought he has struggled with these issues – sexuality, acceptance, church – this much. He has talked about it in interviews so I was aware of it but I never thought he is or has been this vulnerable and I’m only starting to realize how hurtful it must feel not be accepted as who you are. This is the strongest song on the album in many ways and deserves to be the title song. Love his voice in it, so incredibly soft.

Staring At the Sun is perfectly placed after No Place in Heaven. Love is stronger than any fear and beats prejudicing people. Such a sweet, almost cheesy song. I can already see big fangirl moments around the song. The lyrics tell about being far away from the loved one, staring at the same sun, being connected that way.  It’s not a sad song but there’s a longing tone so it fits the theme.

Hurts is one of the most beautiful and saddest songs on the album. I love the piano! Trying to read my little notes about the song but they are messed by tears and can see only little hearts. I would love to hear this song performed at intimate evening gigs as a little less “boy band” version but not sure we will get it, he never did Kids either.

Good Wife is such a clever song and been my favorite since the New York gig! It simply took over my mind and luckily it’s a bit lighter, not really sad but melancholic in a bitter-sweet way. It’s well-done and together with No Place in Heaven the best quality on the album and I especially love how he is using his voice in it.

Rio is like my from my life. My traveling is mostly escaping, not away the from people I love but just the failure I am as a person. The melody is not really interesting (it reminds me of something but not sure what) but I like the lyrics. I might go to Rio some day.

Ordinary Man is about pondering relationship issues and worthless, ordinary feelings and it fits the theme and has its place on the album but it slightly crosses the line between analyzing and self-pitying so it’s not for my personal taste. I’ve thought that since Montreal. It’s one of the rare Mika songs that make my mind wander. It’s not a bad song, I love his soft velvet voice in it. It’s just not my style of a song, I prefer smashing chandliers.

And then it’s time to listen to Promiseland and this is where I got stuck. I listened to it over and over and over again. There’s a song like Promiseland on the album and they make Talk About You as a single?? Seriously? Who makes these decisions? Promiseland is the strongest candidate for a hit he can find on the album. I would say it’s as close to a big international hit as he can go at the moment. It sounds familiar in many parts (I have a digital album and can’t read the credits so not sure if they are given) but so does TAY and personally I really don’t care, it’s quite his style to mix familiar elements. Would be total craziness to waste this song.

Porcelain is another big, personal favorite on the album. Very Mika style. Can’t wait to hear him doing this with piano, will be such a highlight. Such fragile song. Love love love his voice in this.

L’amour fait ce qu’il veut is the last bonus track and contains the familiar “China Boy” snippet I’ve always loved so much. It’s a beautiful song but to be honest I wish it was done more stylish (live version) way. Can’t say anything about lyrics, of course.

These are just my quick, short impressions. I’m extremely happy about the album. It meets his standards which for me means high-quality Mika style songs and there are several extremely good quality songs to make his devoted fans happy. There are options for successful, international hits (I mentioned Promiseland, didn’t I?) which would be useful at this point of his career. It’s a sad album and Mika being sad makes me sad but he is handling some serious issues in a very honest way which is extremely important and something that simply needed to be done. So proud to be a fan.


I spent a lovely, two-day mini holiday in Rome with my husband on our way to see Mika at the Caribana Festival and wasn’t supposed to blog about it – it’s obviously off-topic – but saw pictures of Mika with cats from the document filmed in Japan and thought maybe I could share my cat pics as well. I had planned myself a visit to the same cat cafe in Tokyo but couldn’t fit it in my schedule and was delighted when Myriam – one of the local helpful Mika fans – suggested going to a cat bistro in Rome.

The place is called Romeow and it’s quite popular and was therefor fully booked at dinner time both nights so eventually went there for lunch. Such a beautiful, peaceful place! Perfect for couples, a meeting with a friend or quiet reading time. The excellent food was vegeterian/vegan and I found several gluten-free options and got delicious flat-bread with vegetables, green perfectly cooked risotto and a piece of an amazing avocado cake with almond milk latte. Loved the beautiful colors and cozy atmosphere and was happy to see how the cats seemed to have a possibility for privacy with hiding places high on the walls and will definitely visit the place again when next time in Rome. A few more pics below.













So pleased I decided to go to this smallish (compared to the other Italian dates) gig at Fabrique in Milan last night. The same awesome, positive stage vibe we experienced in Switzerland on Sunday, this time at a proper, intimate venue. Many ways a very extreme experience. Pouring rain, little thunderstorms, burning sun, humid heat, huge lack of sleep, crowded queueing and the most screaming and loudest audience I’ve ever seen or heard. Well done Italian fans for keeping everything organized during the day (not an easy job). Practically no chaos at all even we were worried about it in advance and even most long-time fans had decided to come last minute to avoid the rush.

I arrived Milan late Tuesday night and the first thing saw Saskia and Karin from Team Germany in front of the apartment we had booked. So happy to see them again and had so much fun on Wednesday, thanks girls!! Before and after the concert met also almost all Italian fans I’ve learnt to know during these years and very much enjoyed meeting and catching up with everyone. Hope to see you all soon again!

Mika was in a great stage mood, chatting, dancing, flirting with the audience and looking more confident and sexy (in a provocative way) than ever before. A thousand Italian fans were screaming at his flirty dancing and there was me thinking “Mika, isn’t your mother watching this??”. Lol! However, it’s good to see him that comfortable and free to do whatever he likes and he looks good and has a great sense of humor so it’s always a pleasure and entertaining and funny to watch his stage presence and follow his interaction with the audience.

His singing was not yet as effortless as it normally is (after being ill) but he sounded still good and I enjoyed the show fully like I always do in my own, very patterned way, listening to my biggest favorites extremely carefully (Undewater, Last Party, surprisingly now also Boum Boum Boum), dancing and having fun with the most energetic songs (Relax, WAG, EMD, Love Today) and focusing being a fan/a part of the audience during the most familiar (Billy Brown, Happy Ending, GK, BG) or fan action songs (this time TAY and Good Guys, waving little hearts and stars prepared by some Italian fans). We heard the Italian version of Stardust and AOW as extra songs, loved them both and was especially happy to hear Stardust after not hearing it for a long time. I didn’t take many photos this time, a little random gallery above.

The view


Had a beautiful day at Caribana Festival near Geneva on Sunday. Everything went well and was perfectly organized as always at Swiss festivals. The festival took a good care of people during the day making sure we had enough water, shadow, sunscreen and toilets available. The security was surprisingly strict during and after the gig though, didn’t allow most cameras in front and actually pushed people in an unpleasantly hard way when couldn’t understand their instructions given in French quickly enough but generally the atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed with lots of families and kids in the audience. So much fun to meet so many people I haven’t seen for a while!

Meeting people




The line up





The line up was good and both my husband and I enjoyed watching the acts before Mika, especially young Marcos Cabanas (so sweet and sympathetic) and Jetlakes (very energetic). James Gruntz is surely popular and a great artist but maybe not the best possible choice for this particular audience.



Already posted some Mika photos here. He came on stage and looked tired (making me a bit worried about him as we all know he wasn’t well a few days ago) but managed to do an excellent, full-lenght show with an extra French song I hadn’t heard performed live before. I really enjoyed his performance and had my fangirl mode on from the beginning of the show to the very end of it.

I simply loved everything I saw and adored not just every single song but also his dancing, facial expressions and every little gesture he did with the audience (which was much better than average festival audiences btw). Embarrassing and a bit silly but it’s good to know that after all these concerts/shows I’m definitely not immune to his stage charm, lol! My husband was very impressed as well and actually pointed out how some songs he thought he didn’t like that much made totally sense seen/heard live (very pleased with his reaction of course). A few pics and some vids I took with my mobile below.





The more special things are the more difficult it is to find words to describe them. My first trip to Japan and I fell in love with the country and especially Tokyo. Feeling so grateful of everything I saw and experienced.

There are three types of destinations. The first one doesn’t touch me in any special way, I’m there to see Mika and meet people. The second type includes beautiful, generally amazing cities like London, Paris, New York and some other cities we all want to visit again and again. The third type is places that somehow speak to me and make me wish I could stay longer and built a personal relationship with them.

I’m always equally happy and surprised to stumble upon places like that. It’s like meeting a very special person (doesn’t happen so often either). Contrast is essential both in people and in places. Reykjavik – one of my favorite places – felt so isolated and so incredibly trendy at the same time. In Tokyo it’s the contrast between the hectic and calm. The busiest corner in the world and a peaceful temple side by side. Loved it.

And the people. Japanese are the most polite people I’ve ever seen. It was easy to see how rude and clumsy I looked among them. A couple of days and I started to make little bows here and there. Back home I already gave presents using my both hands like they do in Japan. Loved their simple and sophisticated sense of style. Loved their wisdom and understanding. The cloudy picture of beautiful and dangerous Mount Fuji above is taken from a high-speed Shinkansen train. Some day I will have a good view on it.





A trip to Japan meant me a possibility to finally meet Eriko in person. I had known her via internet for years and already knew she is a great photographer and a generous and kind person and now learnt she is also very smart and has a great sense of humor. The first thing I saw at Narita airport on Sunday morning was her smiling face and a green balloon she had promised to bring as a sign for me.

She had planned us a visit to the famous Narita temple and we were lucky to see it with very special fire rituals (both inside and outside the temple). We got a professional, two hour guiding in English (just for two of us!) and learnt about the temple and the purifying rituals and after that had a delicious Japanese meal in Narita. Then it was time for me to take a bus to Tokyo.




I was lucky to have three local fans and one not-local fan as guides during my trip. Thank you so much Eriko, Mikage, Toshiko and Zhenya! Zhenya lives in Siperia but had visited Tokyo before and knew where to go and what to do and patiently guided me everywhere. We went to Shibuya on Sunday night and was surreal to see thousands of people walking from every direction loud Star Wars melodies on giant ad screens on the background (above).

On Monday Mikage (the first female Mika I know!) took us to a boat trip to her favorite places and showed us lovely parks, a fish market area full of little sea food shops and restaurants and a magical green area with a peaceful shrine. Zhenya and I followed her example and cured our aching shoulders with purifying smoke and washed our hands and mouths before saying some quiet wishes/prayers. We had our fortunes read and Zhenya and Mikage left theirs to be changed (they weren’t happy with them) but I kept mine as it promised me the best fortune. “Gods will come and where he points to, flowers and fruits grow timely. Good fortune will come and it brings you happiness.” The barrels in one of the photos below are sake barrels, given the shrine as gifts.











In the afternoon it was time for coffee and some fun times at one of the local photo booth centers (dozens of photo machines surrounded by groups of teenage girls) and after that Zhenya and I headed for a dinner with international fans from Europe and Korea. On Tuesday a couple of hours at the biggest local book store (basically heaven for me), a lunch with with a group of fans and then to the venue to meet more fans. I met Grazia and Solange from Italy and France, Lasher with her friends from Korea, Iona from Australia, Yasmin from Malesia and several people from Japan. I had chats with people I haven’t met before or for a long time and even got gifts from people who read my blog. Felt so overwhelmed, thank you so much everyone. Some pics below.





Korean fans









As you can see from photos Osaka is very different compared to Tokyo but I enjoyed it as well. So much fun with Eriko, Toshiko and Zhenya. Eating at local restaurants, crazy shopping at a 100 yen shop (I’ve seen videos of them, always wanted to see one), chatting, learning about Japan (thanks Toshiko who is a teacher for telling about the local school system, always interested in hearing about the differences between countries) and finally good byes. I already missed home and my family after being away from home for several days but didn’t want to say good bye and leave Japan. Thanks everyone who I met and who helped me in so many ways. Thanks Mika for giving me a reason to go all these wonderful places. I could do it without him but there’s more love this way xx